The HTC vive (question) topic


I make this topic to keep things together.

A few question, possible add more on the first post. (this one)

  • At what heightare the base stations mounted , cannot find advised height so far ?
  • Does the base station have a normal camera tri-pod mounting point ? I see one at the back that looks compatible. not sure what mounting frame the shipped in the box.

  1. They should be mounted above your head so that they have clear sight of each other in any situation
  2. It has a bottom and a back standard tri-pod mounting point, but it is highly suggested to use something highly stable.

The Mounting ki ts provided are the following


Thanks, i have some idea where to place them. but i think it’s mabye good to test it in temp setup first. Ok. so just hanbg them against the ceiling.

Hehe, i first need to buy it still. but try to see if the area i have fit.
The sensor setup i have now in mind would cover also sitting on the couch i think.


This is very important. If the light boxes are mounted on anything that can wiggle, the entire light field is going to jiggle and heaven help you should you be wearing an HMD when that happens.


That’s good info. in case someone mount it in a camper ! :slight_smile:
I now found all the info in the manual to, you can download that on the HTC Vive site.

New problem to solve, the sensors would be 7 meters away from each other. and the advise not more then 5 meters. And that where the only nice places where to not look annoying too.


I thought you might like to see how the lighthouse works:


And here is a video testing the lighthouse at 27 feet (8.2m) distance. Worked well!


Both corners, i know one is close to the kitchen. and the otehr in different corner. but the are the best places and cover the whole room. So i expect you can then use it in sit and a bit walk mode (in the free area :O)

Other questio, How long did it take for other people before it arrived ? after ordering ?


I need to test this application, that would mabye solve the last problem with the microphone on the HTC Vive. With a extra optical unit. Still need to think about the speaker side. Not sure if this works

Let me explain what i need. So mabye others have idea’s

The HTC vibva is a sound card.
And i have other soundcards with optical line-in and line-out

Now i need to route the microphone from the HTC vive to other soundcard output.
That signal runs to soem hardware , that finaly get send back to the pc line-in
Now that signal need to be route to the HTC vive speakers.

Now how do you solve this problem ?
If the made things easy with simple cinch line in and out on the vive it where so more easy.

ADD: the problem is a bit more complex then i can oversee right now. this is the difficult annoying part with hmd’s and wrong implemented sound. it seems i would need to have more optical inputs :[


The Vive is connected via HMDI, and USB. Sound is carried over the USB, and split from the HMD into an audio in and out. In is built in mic within the HMD it self. Out is a 3.5 mm jack which you need to connect your own speaker headset onto, or use to plugs that come with the headset. the HMD already includes a jack extension cord, but it is removable. All cords are changeable.

SteamVR Handles switching of the sound cards, and also does mirroring of the audio to other sound cards as well. Currently however, High Fidelity doesnt listen to this and has its own audio settings separate from the Windows Defaults.


I think you are going into uncharted territory, Richardus. There are audio mixer and redirector apps you can find but I do not know how much latency they introduce. It would help if HF interface would hook into Window’s audio mixer as well as direct grabbibng the audio sources.


''I think you are going into uncharted territory, ‘’ :grin: are we not there for two years with high fidelity ?

I think i just need to use the build in microphone and soundcard. it sounds at least that there are some more options for the headphones. That’s more important.

Sorry if i ask again.Are there speakers build in or not. ?

Need to try to find better pictures about what @menithal means.

one other question, how long is the power cable for the base station, i hope the made them at least 3 meter long. ADD: i just found something that say 8feet long. 2.5 meters sounds a bit short or it’s a just fit.


There are no speakers built into the Vive, they supply some ear plug style phones with it, if you intend on using other phones then ones with a replacable lead are good so you can make a special short lead (it only has to go from top of your head to the ears ) and avoid more dangling wires. Otherwise I found it best to tuck the remaining headphone lead in my back pocket when wearing the headset.

The arrangement is that the top of the HMD has a panel with sockets, one is a 3.5mm headphone socket, there is a short male to female 3.5mm jack lead provided that ends up around the top of your head where you can plug headphones in… hope that makes sense!



Aha, good to know. then i need to fit my existing headphone. unless this earplugs are good. but think not for me. lucky that i buyed a spare headphone while ago. the wire is shorter on the new one to. it’s a bit climpsy mabye. We need to see.


Am a bit excited. i hope it’s really so good as i think. Also see more interresting things.

  1. You can havea garden and do what you normally do in RL garden. if you would a have one.
  2. Walking in forrest, the only thing that is missing is the small and mabye wind feeling.
  3. Flying a plane or boat on level that could be close to real life. but you not need to spend big bucks for it. at least i hope.

And so ther emore intressting idea’s, it only need to be created off course

Also , i hope there’s not problems with the furniture positions. and tracks. if you duck. if that get tracked anyway… :open_mouth: It keeps at the end a living room and not a special room. Think it mabye need some experimenting too.

Not sure if you can do other ligthouse setups.

Possible stupid question:
Qmenithal, yes asking you because you have it.
What are the lighthouses tracking ?
I think if furniture (chair back) is blocking a part of the lighthouse the other one behind you can compensate that. Not sure. I still think the setup i have in mind is working fine. off course the sattilites are a bit further apart then the advise. One would be very close to play area and the other a few meters away.


The lighthouses them selves do not track anything. They are very very dumb: Basically it works like an actual light house.

They just are, with a infared laser that flashes, and sweeps the room.

The headset and the controllers are the ones which track the positions of these lighthouses. Everything, from position, to rotation calculated using light flashes and sweeps.
Basically, just as @Balpien.Hammerer pointed it out


And this is why i hate buying online. Because repairs always give troubles.
I just got my vive back. But instead the replaced the velcor tape on the hmd. the did add a cover on the velcro tape. so the change you rip the tape further lose in time is still possible.


Now in contact with HTC to check what the really did , the need to check it themself to.


Can someone with HTC vive tell me if the velcro tape is lose on there HMD to around the calibration notch top center ? Well i just try it how it is for now.