The importance of using a headset


Just a quick piece of advise after today’s meeting. I think it’s very important, in order to have a good audio experience in-world, to not use the open microphone in your computer, but use a headset; the better the headset the better the experience for you and, perhaps even more important, to those you’re interacting with.

We use these:

However, any headset will do better than an open mic - so if you have one, use it on the next meetup, and I’m sure it will go much better!

My 0.02 :wink:


some people on mac don’t realize their ear pods have a mic right on the volume toggle. If you are on a mac and have a pair of those, plug them in and you’ll find they also work well.


Only use a headset without microphone. because i hit to many times the microphone in the past when i skyped. The microphone is anyway wired to a mixer and then to line-in. so headset makes that only more complicated.

I think its beter if HiFi can have a higher outpout to, and per user volume slider. like in SL is not bad to. In other words. the chat window need a hugh redesign because things like that a good to put in there to… Someway :open_mouth:

And yes , i mute the microphone on the mixer.

but its important to not use speakers and the build in microphone on your laptop at the same time.