The Love Machine thread (or, I just discovered another neat thing - kudos hifi, et al!)

So I’ve been working on a hardware project for a little bit and one complicating aspect was just upgraded in 79.

The new subdivided avatar collisions. Perfect timing!

In the spirit of the plagiarized title from @philip 's old project, please feel free to add your own.

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Feeling a little sheepish as this has probably been here all along, but for anyone else that didn’t know, all the namespaces are listed at this link. Sure beats digging through the github repo!

Those docs just got a refresh, looks way better organized now. Still need to go to GitHub for usage/examples quite often.

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@whyroc and @Lathe, we are actively going through and adding more information to these docs. Keep checking back with every release, as we add more and more code, examples and syntax!


Oooooh, the new split out volume sliders. My ears thank you!