The new FLYING is horrible :-(


Sorry everybody - I don’t moan often, i.e. I try always to see the good side in new features, but now I just have to complain:

The new FLYING is absolutely horrible in HMD!

The old one was wonderful - like with e.g. skiing it had been a bit tricky to learn the HeadMovementSteering at the beginning, but once you mastered it it was just an amazing feeling which could get you into a wonderful flow state. :purple_heart:

Now I can’t do a 360° just by moving my head anymore - instead I have to use the controllers (clumsy!) or turn my whole body around in a circle thus tangling all my cables (annoying!). :nauseated_face:

Could you wonderful developers pleeeeeeaaaaaaseee be angels and switch the flying back to its old functionality? :angel:

I’d be obligated to everlasting thankfulness to you!!

PS: And could you also fix this bug of looking at ones own eyesockets when flying in HMD?
This would also re-add a lot to the pleasure of flying in VR :dove::sunglasses: