The new HDM Keyboard


After having used the HMD keyboard for many hours (Mainly for building in HDM), here some comments about it.

  • It displays by default just a bit too close from the tablet. When we type we constantly losing the page section because of the beam crushes the page and induct a scrolling. If the keyboard were drawn a couple of inches lower that would be easier to use. (I had constantly to move it to be comfortable to work, or move the tablet.)

  • The configuration as a phone or a tablet on is definitely not efficient. Now that it’s freed from the tablet screen, we have all the space we need. Then, why not have something more like a real keyboard. Maybe we could have at least the numeric keyboard on the top. When we use the edition tool, we use numbers in 80% of the time. It’s annoying to have to switch over and over as on a phone. (Phone keyboard that, we have to admit, was clearly not an evolution, but more a “How-the-hell-can-I-make-fit-a-keyboard-on-a-so-damn-small-sceen”)

  • Would be a plus if it could follow us when we move, as the tablet do.

  • I have experienced some issues about the focus that get lost and the keyboard staying there letting us type in the void. (I deduce that it’s not yet fully stabilized.)

  • It took me a certain time to figure that there was a handle to move it. (Maybe this is not final)

Overall, I think this keyboard is definitely a plus value. Thank you for this.


The new keyboard is okay but…

What’s with the Q-Tip stylus when we already have a stylus model? It feels weird having two stylus models that are different and at different lengths.

Another thing is on smaller avatars, the keyboard seems to spawn inside your body while larger avatars do not seem to have this issue.