The Nod Ring Controller


This looks interesting! Imagine just wearing a ring on each index finger to track hand movements, swype type, and build in High Fidelity. I am sure the developers here are probably aware of it, but for the rest of us here is a video to drool over.


Yes, a lot is going on on these kind of devices
We sure need good hand controllers

It would be great if haptic feedback in some sort will be present
But it will shorten the battery life

I stumbled on this one: Virtual keyboard (more oriented on AR then VR it seems)


Neco posting this one since it looks like the Nod ring is now much closer to shipping. More Here


Necro^2 post. The nod rings are available now. Is there any support already in place for them? Or if not, are the HI controller docs sufficiently clear to let someone write the interface adapter?

And, did anyone in HF review them? Worth using?


I was waiting to hear something about this. Back when it was first shown it was a small ring you wore on your finger. Not sure if this is the same product. Maybe it is and you use your thumb to activate the joystick etc. But I wonder how you are supposed to activate the buttons in front? And notices that there are no videos or images showing the current product in use.

Maybe next time I’m in Mtn View I should stop by and look at it.


It has grown a little from it’s original sleek version that I never was sent. The new model has little buttons and things, but that’s OK. The main thing is that it is an accurate and fast controller.