The pain of the edit.js tool (scaling)


Here is a good example of how bad the edit.js build tool, can be when you try tom scale.

It’s very trickm to grab the black dot at the right side. Left is not better. and luckt this is in desktop mode. in HMD i would not try it at all. A good idea wouild be to move the black dots up a bit.

The option to move the object by pressing the cursor keys like you do in blender is a big pain to. SL where always hard to place. but hifi is not better. in HMD it would be impossible for precise placement.

And the lack of not knowing what X,Y,Z is makes it impossible and hard to adjust it by numbers.


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Right now i stay with the default. just because the simple reason hifi is still changing. also working with 2 different edit tools drive you crazy in the past. Not sure how good ctrlaltstudio one is now.