The problem with text chat


@philip The problem with having a discussiion about text chat on voice is the people who need it cant partake in the discussion. The people who can are all we dont need it.
When hifi opend up the alpha thousands of people came from secondlife, they said we cant talk to eachother and they left
That was what happend


On top of that not everybody likes voice.
I still have a big gap because soem IM system is missing between domains.
It’s hard to know when something happen.

I do not like skype much because it’s disruptive and not inside high fidelity to.
The people that dont need it seems to be not creators and only use a vive or oculus :open_mouth:

Other point why chat is so much nicer. it always work on the same audio volume… and never fail or stutter. :grin:


I have several visitors who are deaf and voice is of no use to them. To talk with my first visitor i had to grab a text entity and use it to communicate as a very rough and tumble text chat system.


Its about understanding the way people use virtual worlds. Yes we love headsets and stuff but alot of the time were using a laptop sat watching the TV with people around us and we cant be cut off from that.We dont allways have sound on.
Maybe its retro, but your reading this forum
imagine here if it was voice only.
what woudl that be like?


I think we need to look all the possible use cases for communication via HMD + Desktop, for accessibility as well as general ease of use… there has to be some kind of middle ground. IF nothing else, this is an opportunity to come up with something truly unique and innovative.


I think the anti text chat should be excluded from the forum for hypocracy. :smile:
why are we typing here? because we cant in hifi.

why unique? why not functional chat that exists allready. If hifi is just being a vr tecnical demo it dosent need social functions
if it is going to be a shared social space it cant exist without robust text chat. proof we only have 5 users -.-
and those 5 users all still use the chat in sl


The reason why I say unique is that HMD user can’t see text or type effectively, essentially the root of the problem…


Well at conferances and stuff they have twitter feeds and stuff on the wall. @adrian had some kinda chat thing working on a text entity a while back. Headset people people can just talk my phone dosent read out text messages. it dosent need to be that complex. I just dont want to have to log into skype and secondlife and slack. I just want to use hifi.
i still think trying to type with handcontrollers is rediculous . keyboard is a perfectly good tyyping device
and just as cool as a vivey wand stick. We need to design from a functional tool for the job viewpoint rather than sticking a crappy keyboard to an ipad and trying to tell people that its still not a laptop


Agree, you want to be immersive. using skype or soem other program that need to jump to other program is not good. Not that am com plete happy with how chat works in SL. i have always a window open and that is blocking part of the view to. But bubbles is really ugly bad idea you not want. Same reason why i not ue and hate nametags in Secondlife.

And thanks @Judas Finaly a keyboard without that bad CAPS-LOCK :laughing:


100% agreed, this is where the unique comes in…

The missing case is desktop-user non voice -> hmd user communication does not exist right now.


The idea I had was a ‘chat gun’ that just spat letters into the world that eventually faded away… the desktop user could run it and it would just mimic the key input with 3d letters…


Except i think many people not read the message or missing it.
It’s nice if you have something you can read back. Also how works your idea for users that use softweare to convert text to speech ?


Yes, agreed its not the 100% solution … just a fun and easy one for solving the specific use case


The thing is, the HMD will not, for several generations…anyway… need a detailed chat mechanism… how can you possibly copy and paste a link into a web browser etc? If you add something like skype to Hifi then Hifi will just become that thing, and move away from what Hifi does really well which is the HMD and new - technology intergations…

Why don’t we all just create a standard web entity and point it to the forum? is that not basically the same thing as inworld messaging?


AM still going with the flow, because it did go around in my mind to use web entities in some form inworld. Then you can create a webbased chat/IM system. Sound very flexible and possible easy to maintane.

And mabye there’s soem existing web based package that can do this. No not this forum system. and IRC where not secure enough as far i know.

But web entities you can do most with. it also gives the option to chat outside high filedelity on a mobile device with users inworld. Not sure that’s a good diea.


Ok if we’re brainstorming, how about handwriting recognition, just use ur wavey wand to write with to local chat

it makes more sence to me than trying to type.
Question If noone can read anything with a hmd on why do we have web entities?
Answer cos noone has anyproblem reading in vr ur making it up


OK we can read most stuff… it gonna be hard to answer tho


So essentially we have solved this problem, everything we have talked about here already exists in HIfi … so we just have to use it then


The actual problem is people on voice ignore txt chat and visa versa.But that happens in secondlife also
in a group meeting tho i like the idea that people typing could make comments and other users could up and down vote comments like reddit maybe


So reddit on a web entity?