The question of HiFi trademark and independent projects


I remember vaguely this question coming up at least once in discussion over the couple of years I’ve been hanging out in HiFi… that, for instance, at some point there will be companies other than hosting domains, but also that somewhere along the line there could even be totally independent, separate virtual world systems not affiliated with that are using the underlying programs of HiFi in them.

On the other hand, HiFi is a trademarked entity, with a trademarked symbol representing it, and over at HiFi Terms of Service, a couple of paragraphs into section 6, it states that the use of the HiFi mark “…is subject to the guidelines posted on our website or otherwise mad (sic) available by us.” However, the actual guidelines don’t seem to be anywhere on the website.

With HiFi being largely open-source, the nature of the beast is that somewhere along the line, someone is going to do their own modded version of it, or bolt their own services onto it to work alongside it, and someone might totally fork their own version of the HiFi underlying code, and someone else might even form their own separate independent world, or something.

A third party service that merely hosts HiFi domains would of course be able to mention they’re providing a HiFi related service, by name, and have the circle-H mark appear wrt those services, provided its clear they’re not claiming to BE HiFi Inc or be in partnership with them or such, but as things get more and more removed from HiFi-as-a-company, and you get a farther ways down Alice’s rabbit-hole of hifi-as-an-opensource-tech, into the various permutations of modified offshoots, and you travel down those twists and turns of the tunnels past various other outfits’ more and more distantly related services and plans and whatnot… at what point would such an outfit need to go “Iceweasel” to our proverbial “Firefox” and not be able to use the HiFi name or mark anymore?

There needs to be clarification on where the dividing lines are on this. How far removed from the original HiFi code can you be wrt services provided before the rules change wrt the trademarks, and what sorts of changes begin at what point?