The slow movement, i want to run ! instead of forced to fly


When can we finaly run ? Movement is so slow, that you start to take the bad Secondlife habbit and fly. and we talk mabye about 80 meters distance.

When can we finaly run ?


Hello richard, I also study the new behavior on the speed of the movement of an avatar, it seems to me that it is necessary to use the script for this with the help of :

exemple script to keyboard shift :

var MAPPING_NAME = "com.highfidelity.Keyboard";
var mapping = Controller.newMapping(MAPPING_NAME);

mapping.from(Controller.Hardware.Keyboard.Shift).to(function (value) {
//print("j' appuis sur "+ value);
	if( value == 1)

		//var pos = Vec3.sum(MyAvatar.position, Vec3.multiply(3, Quat.getFront(Camera.getOrientation())));
		//print("je marche" + JSON.stringify(pos));
		// set the velocity to be 10 m/sec along Z-axis in the world-frame
		//x: 0, y: 0, z: -5

    	MyAvatar.motorReferenceFrame = "avatar";
    	MyAvatar.motorVelocity = {x: 0, y: 0, z: 10};
    	MyAvatar.motorTimescale = 0.0;
		// disable motor
    	MyAvatar.motorTimescale  = 1000000;
        clicked = true;    
		//print("je stop");

Script.scriptEnding.connect(function () {


I concur. Though flying, and particularly the transition between flying and walking, are very well handled in HiFi (kudos!), sometimes you want to run…

Is the shift (and associated caps-lock) key available?


I hate to say it, I actually like how AltSpCOUGHCOUGH has done this.

If I press left trigger on Touch, I run faster. If I press right trigger on Touch, I can smooth turn instead of snap-turn, although I avoid smooth-turning like the plague.

Every time when I go from AltspCOUGHCOUGH into HiFi, I catch myself using this (IMO very sensible system) which in HiFi then of course shoots random beams instead of moving.

While I think that AltSpCOUGH is total crap, the HiFi devs should consider this way of moving around, it just makes sense to me.


Disable the snap turn in the setings and you get smooth turn and sick. I tried it, not like the smooth turn.

It would be a bad idea to use the triggers for walking, because you need it for actions. And only the trigger is logic for actions like grab, touch, point etc. does alt… not have that functionality ?