The sound dying at meetings bzzzzzzzz servers 4


Without reading every pr and release note , Is anything being done to fix the sound falling over every 10 seconds at the Friday meetings?
There is always this impression that the developers never have this problem , but we all suffer this week after week once we all get together.


Vegas PR may help once it comes in.


Hmmmmm… Vegas PR.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… because the sound cuts out before they can spill the beans? :smiley:


But, all kidding aside… I know you’ll fix it.


So this still seems to be a thing lots of fixes in each new build but audio is still unreliable
How many times did the servers go down in Fridays meeting?


Sorry @judas, i have only 11 fingers :slight_smile: So i stopped counting.


I’m usually barefoot at home, so I could have counted with my toes as well… but I wasn’t keeping count. :slight_smile: