The Spawn Spacer


I’ve already updated the HIFIAwesome post, but here’s a more official one:

Spawn Spacer

This entity script spaces users out in the enclosed area for objects positioned exactly where users teleport into a domain.

How to Setup

  1. Create a cube or zone.
  2. Position this entity exactly where the users will be teleporting in.
  3. Size the entity in whole numbers (example: x:5.0, z:5.0, x:6.0, z:9.0).
    The y axis doesn’t matter for now, but in the future, the hope is to have it be another setting for how far people should be spread apart (y:1.0 = 1m).
  4. Set the entity to be Collisionless.
    This does not apply to zones.
  5. Install the script in the Script Url.
  6. Done!


  • Spacing users coming into your domain
  • Spacing users coming in from an in-domain teleports
  • Preventing users from seeing the horrors of inside each other’s skulls


  • The spawn spacer can be rotated to accommodate unusually shaped buildings or areas


Multiple landing points managed by the server