The Tiltbrush-Dress Tutorial


  1. In Blender make sure your avatar stays in “Rest Position” for all the following operations.

  2. Export your „naked“ avatar as an .OBJ file.

  3. Open Tiltbrush and clear the sketch in order to get rid of the Tiltbrush logo.

  4. Select Tools–>More–>MediaLibrary–>AddMedia
    This will open Tiltbrush’s “Media Library”-Folder on your desktop.
    Put your avatar’s .OBJ file into the “Models”-Folder you find there.

  5. Back in Tiltbrush select Tools–>More–>MediaLibrary
    Now you can find your avatar’s model in Tiltbrush’s Media Library.
    Klick on it (twice) so that it loads.

  6. Use the grip buttons of both controllers on your avatar’s model in order to re-size it to your own size (or whatever size you find convenient for painting on it).

  7. Grab your avatar’s model by pressing one of the grip buttons on it.
    Position it as you please and press the touchpad in order to snap it to the grid.
    Pull the trigger in order to pin it.

  8. (Optional but very convenient for doing clothes)
    Select Tools–>MirrorMode
    Grab the mirror by pressing one of the grip buttons on it.
    Adjust it to your avatar’s model.
    Press the touchpad in order to snap it to the grid.
    (Sometimes it’s difficult to grab the mirror. In that case unpin your avatar’s model by pulling the trigger on it again and adjust it to the mirror’s position by following the explanation in step 7).)

  9. Now paint your dress onto your avatar’s model.
    (Unfortunately there isn’t an option yet which would prevent you from painting inside the model, so it’s of advantage to have a very calm hand.)
    As Tiltbrush’s texture mapping doesn’t seem to work easily in Blender (at least I wasn’t able to figure it out) it’s best to use simple brushes (e.g. I used the “Duct Tape” brush).

  10. If you haven’t done so already, save your Tiltbrush sketch.

  11. If you had it on, turn the Mirror Mode off.

  12. Unpin your avatar’s model by pulling the trigger on it and delete it (either with the eraser or by “throwing” it to the distance).

  13. Make sure to turn off / delete anything else there might be in your sketch apart of your painted dress.

  14. Select Tools–>More–>Export

  15. Find your painted dress’ .FBX in Tiltbrush’s “Media Library”-Folder
    (“C:\Users\Username\Documents\Tilt Brush\Exports\Untitled” should be the default path)
    and import it into the same Blender session you exported your avatar’s .OBJ file from.

  16. Go to Object Mode and rotate, re-scale and re-position your dress until it fits your avatar.
    Apply location, rotation & scale.
    Make sure (Shift Ctrl Alt C) its pivot point (origin) is on the same position (0/0/0) as your avatar’s pivot point.

  17. If you got a Fuse/Mixamo-avatar and imported it by using the Add-On provided by Judas, you have to arrange your dress so that it has the same rotation(x=90°) and scale(0.01/0.01/0.01) specifications as your avatar’s body in the Transform Panel of Blender’s Property Region.
    In order to do so follow these steps in Object Mode:
    a) rotate your dress by -90° on the X-axis, then apply the rotation
    b) now rotate your dress by 90° on the X-axis WITHOUT applying the rotation
    c) scale your dress by 100 on all three axes, then apply the scale
    d) now scale your dress by 0.01 on all three axes WITHOUT applying the scale

  18. If you happen to know how to edit Tiltbrush’s texture-mapping, please let me know :wink:
    If not, delete your dress’ material (and textures) and create a new material for it following your imagination.

  19. In Object Mode first select your dress then select the armature and press Ctrl P.
    Now select “With Empty Groups” and your armature will be parented to your dress.

  20. In Object Mode first select your avatar’s body, then select the dress.
    Now change from Object Mode to Weight Paint Mode.
    Klick on “Transfer Weights” in the Tool-Panel.
    Put the “Source Layer Selection” to “By Name” and klick on “Transfer Weights” again.

  21. Now export your armature and mesh as .FBX.

  22. Last not least import your avatar into High Fidelity and have fun with your self-painted Tiltbrush-Dress :slight_smile: