The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!


As the High Fidelity community grows, let’s introduce ourselves and welcome newcomers!

Please introduce yourself here, and tell us a little about yourself, such as:

  • How you discovered High Fidelity
  • What would you like to do with High Fidelity or VR in general, and/or what are you currently working on?
  • What do you do for fun (other than VR stuff)?
  • Cake or pie?

Cute pet pictures welcome. If you don’t want to talk about yourself, feel free to just say hi. It’s all good. :slight_smile:

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Hi Folks,
I’m Robin, I’m a tall beardy baldy old coder who’s been waiting for stuff like this to arrive for far too long :slight_smile:
I’m aiming to make some cool interactive procedural stuff for people to visit, but mainly for me to enjoy tweaking.
For fun I do things with electronics that make noise or flash lights, when I’m not fixing the car :slight_smile:



It’s only fair that I do what I’m asking everyone else to do, so here goes…

I’m Jess, and I work on social media and online community efforts for High Fidelity. I’m new-ish to this community as of this post, having come here in April. Prior to that, I worked in video games.

When I am not glued to the internet, I like to garden–mostly perennials and vegetables. Here is a peony from my yard.

You cannot make me choose between cake and pie. It is impossible.


Howdy, I’m Caitlyn Meeks!

In a past life, I was one of the first employees at Unity Technologies, in Copenhagen, where I played a key role in the product’s baby steps, then creating and managing the Unity Asset Store. After eight years at Unity, I realized that social VR is the new hotness, and if anybody could do it with verve and panache, it would be High Fidelity. I’m thrilled to have taken the opportunity to join this scrappy startup team of visionaries and geniuses!

Although my title is Director of Content, I have multiple roles here at High Fidelity, which suits me just fine since my strength is being a generalist. You might find my 3d creations in the playa, as an artist, or my regular content team tutorials on the company blog. I also enjoy participating with the community and am making in-world meetings & forum communication a big focus of my attention.

And finally, drawing on my many years of running the Unity Asset Store and working with content creators, I will be playing a key role in architecting the coming High Fidelity Marketplace and associated asset server technology, to allow content creators, vendors and service providers to host, provide, license and manage content, experiences and services to the greater metaverse.

A lot of work. But if it doesn’t hurt to think about, it’s not worth doing. :slight_smile:

Cake or pie? Ice cream cake.

See you in the forums, in-world and perhaps in-person at a conference, hackathon or other event.




I’m a new person, as well.

I joined High Fidelity in early March to handle some of the things that become more pressing as we get closer to going live, including customer service, responding to feature requests, and chatting to possible partners.

As stowaways on the same leaky sloop, Jess and I share an abiding affection for all things piratey and puzzle-y.

On the great pie/cake debate, I’m afraid I come down on the side of cake, for the simple reason that pies are full of meat, no matter what anyone says.



Hey all, Clément here!

Originally from France, I moved to San Francisco to work for High Fidelity.
I started as an intern back in the summer of 2013 and am now working as a generalist software engineer.
Lately, I have been more focused on networking/asset server along with @b and @huffman.

When I’m not introducing new bugs, I like to play pool or the awesomest game ever: Rocket League.

Cake or pie doesn’t matter to me, I’ll chose the fanciest one on the table and say the French version is better.
Because that’s what French people do!



Hi I’m Judas
I liked the hairdresser clip that they put on YouTube so I signed up.
I don’t like computer games but I love building worlds.
3D modelling to me is like magic, its like cake , I cant stop eating it.
I’m argumentative opinionated and usually wrong.
Its good to be wrong its how we learn.
When I’m not being Judas I’m a lecturer.
What I have learned since I got here is the developers do listen to us and if you don’t find it annoying frustrating and satisfying all at the same time then give it a little longer.
if in doubt blame @thoys


Hiiiiiiiii everyone!
I’m Jazmin and I make 3D models and do events at High Fidelity :slight_smile:
When I was like 5 or something I started to mess around on our home’s PC mostly painting in MS paint & playing educational games. I loved it! I grew up attached to computers and continued to be a gamer and fan of the worlds people created in these games so that’s what I wanted to do! I went to school for game design and interened and made stuff for a few game startups but when I discovered VR in 2013, I knew there was no going back! I wanted to be someone who also created worlds for people to escape to and immerse themselves in and now I get to do it in VR!

Now, what do I do for fun other than vr…that’s a hard one because I play VR games when I’m not working. I guess I also play non-vr games and I like to read novels and comic books! Image comics is my faaaav. I also like to fish

I love cake more than pie but if donuts were an option too I’d chose donut.



I am Chris (cozza13 on Github and Worklist). I am another one of the non-US people at the company and come from Australia. If you watch any of our videos and can not understand the guy in the video, it is probably me :> . I handled the community while we were in Alpha and had the privilege of crashing many a server during meetings while we tried out new features.

I am working on various projects across the company, including working with freelancers. We do a lot of paid projects with our users, you can find out more by going to or checking out our QA testers channel:



Hello, I’m Skimi. I follow DrFran on twitter for several month now, and she posted some about HF, so I signed up, and installed the client and sandbox - and deinstalled it, a few weeks later DrFran posted something and I gave it another try…after short time, deinstalled it. I guess I had 4 or 5 rounds of this install-/deinstallation sessions. Then I’ve gotten my Vive, the SVVR started, DrFran posted again, I’ve installed HF, and I had my first VR visit in HF on Playa - and was hooked. Wow - it’s so fascinating, mind blowing, magical :slight_smile: and so differently, if you are using a VR HMD, or just watch on the flat screen.

Building is also for me much more interesting as gaming. And thats what I want do here. Okay, sure, would be great to find and meet new friends, share thoughts, build and develop stuff together and just have fun together.

I’ve learned everything I know about building, texturing, mesh modeling in my time with SL - so I am a hobbyist.


Hi, I’m DrFran, typically a person who is an late early adopter. I wanted to be an early adopter, and here I am. Thrilled to be here.

Great to meet you all. Come say hi. Franny

This is Murray. She’s a girl.


Well, I’m one of those people who came across from SL, hoping that HiFi will eventually bring something better. I’ve seen too many BAD things happen in or related to SL due to their being a walled-garden. And some other bad things about how SL evolved, societally that I’m hoping come about different in HiFi due to its decentralized nature. There is unfortunately way too much abuse-of-power stuff that comes about because of the walled garden approach SL took. Hopefully we can influence the new, coming metaverse away from where that sort of abuse of power is even possible.

Anyway, on SL I’m one of those kid-av types, the sort who have connected back up with their inner kid and gotten playful with both their virtual life and with their outlook on the universe. Note that this does NOT mean that I’m roll playing. I can be dead serious when I need to be.

In any event, I had been looking at HiFi from the outside for some months, figuring I’d eventually join it when it went open to the public in a year or two, or maybe when it went beta… One day, I was hanging at The Vortex (one of the oldest music clubs in SL, and THE oldest of the ones that is oriented towards kid-avs) like I do fairly often (I live next door to it, actually :smiley: ), and one of the other regulars there is also someone who had already been in HiFi for awhile, and is someone I’ve known for awhile, Richardus Raymaker.

Richard said something like “I haven’t seen you at the weekly HiFi meetings lately, where have you been?”

And I’m like, “Uhm… I don’t have an account.”

And he said something like “Hmmmm… strange… I thought you did… It’s the sort of palce I figured you would be, anyway.” And then he went on to tell me what page to go to to click to request an account, and what to say in the request, and who to email to get it processed through more readily, and what to say there. That must have been a couple years ago now, how time does fly.

This was also some months before they opened it to whoever wanted to get an account, so that basically anyone who went to the account-request page got issued an account. Since then I’ve pretty much stuck to this forum like glue, and been to the vast majority of Friday meetings, while also watching features come and go, and sometimes come back again. It’s been a wild ride at some points. :smiley:

Anyway, I’d like to think I’ve influenced things for the better, largely by being here, and from holding firm to my own beliefs while occasionally giving discussions a slight nudge in the direction I figured they needed to be going, based on where I think the metaverse needs to be when it gets here.

Welcome to all the new Betas coming in the door, now that they’re throwing the doors wide open and taken them off the hinges. :smiley:


Hey, I’m Konstantin, also called SydoxX
I can’t remember exactly how I learned about HiFi, but I think it was an article about the ‘new world’ Philip Rosedale wants to create. I immediately applied for the Alpha. Some time later I noticed that the Alpha started without me getting an invite. I compiled the client and went inworld, where I met Thoys and Emily, who promptly sent me an invite :slight_smile:
Currently I’m working on some ‘backend’ stuff, e.g. a searchable directory and a statistics page. What I’m really planning to do with HiFi is scripting, of course, and living in it. While I also enjoyed Second Life a lot, I never really got that feeling that I’m really in there. I think that’ll change with HiFi :wink:
Besides HiFi, I program/script and ‘game’ a lot. If you ever encounter a ‘SydoxX’ in the gaming outlands, it’s probably me.

Cake or pie?

Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s good and sweet :wink:

Requested pet pictures (Click here for more)


Hi im Richadus.

Using virtual worlds for a long time, secondlife , afer that opensim that i ahve seen growing from the early days. Now high fidelity Am using high fidelity from the early days. I see lot’s of possibilities, but need to admit the get many times burried.

@jess pointed already at one of the things i like most, also because not really have it in real life. a nice garden. Or better a big forrest with all bells and whistles.

Am aimed for a normal keyboard and mouse + xbox controller and text chat is prefferable but not avoid a voice chat at times (give me some time to turn it on). Mabye at some point i make decision about HMD. But that is something for the future. The not for sale in stores and want to test it. But walking in virtual forrest, especially if it’s in the quality you see in star wars battlefront would be a reason to get HMD.

Like to create things, but not so good as some other people or professional designers. Especially UV-Maps or painting on them is section that need more learning. Just avoid it for now, i can build very nice things without baking UV-Maps
Building is for me more intressting then social. Both in the same virtual world is perfect…

High fidelity got me back in creativity that i lost with Secondlife and slowly in opensim. Secondlfie is to expensive and opensim have some shared problems that secondlife is having to and i really not can coop good. Lucky that mistake is not made in high fidelity :slight_smile: I can already create much better things, blender and high fidelity is really a nice couple.

I can also maby respond sometiems a bit explosief (that’s how it feels for me) in the forum if i hit bug 99n :grin: But i like to see that High Fidelity is not making the same mistakes as Secondlife and other software developers. I have bad times in year and good times. Some people posisble noticed that in forum posts :open_mouth: To say it this way a bit more info around bugs and when it’s fixt would make life more easy.

You need to think different with high fidelity, for some things it work. for other things not. And for some things the skills and my age are not helping too. Am not 10 you see :wink:. Also for some reason bugs like me, but i do not like them ! :scream: Think i have seen them enough with opensim :grinning:

Let’s hope that new visitors make comments on what need to be improved instead of sneaking silent out and never return. It not keeps me from using high fidelity. because it really improved and only get better. Also like to run my own server and have some control over it.

Ok, that’s enough talk about myself.
Oh, i never follow the normal road. Not like the sheep trail. SO i go for cherry muffin. (what ever that means…)


Omega Heron - ancient engineer and self-acknowledged isolationist - known to love living in a (virtual) bunker, trying to make cool things, both in hardware and software and chaser of all things bugging Interface and its users. Fortunately I have those few precious friends I get to point to and say - “You make pretty to fill all this void space”. Alpha has been fun - Beta will be a wild ride. Lets get to Omega. :stuck_out_tongue:



I discovered High Fidelity while floating in the tubes. I was active fairly early in SL, then drifted away from virtual worlds. I think I found out about it while looking into the state of SL.
Everything was still in closed alpha, so after struggling with the compilation demons I was able to get my first look and was totally enamored with the open approach to development, the early release schedule and ambition of the project.
It has been a struggle at times to keep up that initial level of enthusiasm, but I’m still not far off!

I’ve been developing games for over 10 years, initially as a modder, for the last 4 years with professional outlook after I quit a career I fell into programming control systems.
I’m currently trying to release my first game for mobile platforms.

I have aspirations for using these skills on this platform. My joy is making games, but I hope there should prove to also be opportunities for more “useful” endevours.

For fun I also like nature and gardening. I find it provides good balance being outside and clearing the mind.

I used to be an incredibly hardcore gamer, I find I can’t justify the time required these days.
I typically played competitive games, the one that started it all and is still my favorite is Street Fighter.
I also played a lot of shooters.

The best thing for me about modern games is the use of networking to provide social interaction.

I guess a lot of my love for Street Fighter actually has similar roots, oh how I miss the arcade!

I love games that make me feel part of a community yet are an escape from reality.
With High Fidelity the networking is in the hands of a great team.

Before any of this I was very interested in music.

Pastry, all the way!
I cut back on my sugar a lot, way easier than alcohol!


Please introduce yourself here, and tell us a little about yourself, such as:

  • How you discovered High Fidelity
    It was like travelling along a maze of twisty passages all different. One path was social: DARPAnet, MICCUS/MERIT, usenet, alt.callhans, alt.kalbo, Nomads of the Net: a traveller through the metrics. The other path was technical, game theory, FRP game deveopment, Entropy, Amber, developing virtual machines in iron mainframes (Amdahl), designing and coding OS nanokernels & kernels at Apple MacOS8/9/X, then the hypervisor and Hyper-V at Microsoft, designing hardware VM logic baked into every Intel chip, yummy - efficiency, realtime, deep security, trusted comouting, EAL7, spook country. Then from virtual machines to virtual worlds, a respite in SL then InWorldz. InMotion, things that move, boats, balloons, eagles, Ikran, air kraken, smart AIs driving them, then writing virtual physics code, vehicles foundation code, estate security systems, but, sadly, seeing the end of the line for some very old and creaky code - time for a next generation archtecture. Aha! A solution exists - High Fidelity. Joined the alpha program in 2015. Good ideas, very meta, very unbaked, broken yet hopeful - time to cook. Everything is connected.

  • What would you like to do with High Fidelity or VR in general, and/or what are you currently working on?
    I want VR to be a waking dream we can enter and leave as we wish, easily slipping it on as we would our coat or a hat. A place where we open a door, enter, and be elsewhere, a place to meet people locative transcending space. A virtual conference. I also want to realize exquiste physical virtua creatures, recontexualized from my legacy grid limited creations to something wonderful.

  • What do you do for fun (other than VR stuff)?
    I go hiking through the redwood forests, I provide for 5 colonies of wild bees, I go hunting with my two cats. They teach me patience, silent walking, and hunting skills, I teach them words and visual cue gestures.

  • Cake or pie?
    Neither and both. Depends.

  • Cute pet pictures welcome.


I’m Kevin and I joined High Fidelity as an Alpha in April 2014. I grew up in the Second Live Metaverse where I began performing daily as a Live Music Acoustic Singer/Songwriter since October 2007 and continue to present.

I came to High Fidelity because they are the true Open Source VR platform that has unlimited potential and simply the greatest collection of creative and technical minds in the industry.

I own the Music domain to which my goal is to have several very intimate small music venues for new performers to get their start so they can launch a virtual music career to which they can build their career to graduate to larger performances venues in High Fidelity.

Anything good and worth fighting for takes time, patience and an open mind. We as part of the High Fidelity experience engage in a very spirited debate to which all voices are respected and considered. Our strength is our open source platform and ultimately the market, the user experience, has complete control over content customization and distribution.

The strength of High Fidelity is in its vision and open source core product. Anyone can join the project and host a domain on their own computer or cloud server at no cost other than the server fees which are independent to High Fidelity. This is in sharp contrast to other VR platforms.

Being a part of High Fidelity means that YOU are in control of YOUR content and can develop anything that you see fit in your domain without a forced requirement of content that the platforms believes you should have pre-installed.

Be a part of the future with us! I look forward to meeting all the new betas and look forward to seeing you in-world!

Cake, pie and Silver Tequila please! ROCK AND ROLL BABY!


Hi everybody I’m Adrian.

I first heard about High Fidelity in September 2013 because I was looking for something like it. I found a small leak about a covert startup but you had to compile your own interface before you could even start. I first logged in January 2014.

Before this I was running a small web development business, wanting to specialize in 3D.
I was trying to use Opensim to display virtual show homes for real estate developers. It had its limitations.
As soon as I found it was Philip at the helm I decided abandon OpenSim and concentrate on Hifi.

My background in construction and ability to read plans and blueprints enabled me to recreate real life buildings with accuracy, I learned to build in Second Life, and progressed to more complex mesh tools like Blender and Maya, and learned to use gimp and photoshop to make textures. I had been learning different codes for about 6 years prior to this with a bit of document javascript, and have been concentrating on Javascript and modeling for the last two years.

In the first year here I wrote voxel scripts and chat scripts, then came entities and animation (thats my butterfly) after a few months I wrote a few docs and did some tutorial videos for Hifi and did some scripting for the Interface, There are still some relics of my work in the default scripts.

The last year or more I have been developing Quantum City, a virtual collection of spaces and buildings designed to allow some corporate clients an early presence in the metaverse. The lead designer is Qbit technologies and on the Qbit domain we have the beginnings of this future corporate city which includes the virtual presence of Qbit, Floydseum, Venice, IFTF, Armasuisse, Ventura spa and NATO Modeling and Simulation Center of Excellence.
Together we are pushing the boundaries of what a virtual experience can contain.

We aim for this city to become a showpiece in High Fidelity.

I also run a little side project called Earth, an experimental community and permanent homestead for alphas.
I offered free homestead blocks of land for those not wanting to host their own domain, and for those who prefer to mingle with other avatars in a social setting rather than building or scripting for some project.
The current population of earth is about 78 avatars, and shortly I will be opening the “Beta” stage of earth homesteads, and will be posting info about how to claim your spot on the planet.

I am an Australian, musician and music lover, in my spare time I like to ride dirt bikes.