The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am Puddles. I have been a DJ in Second Life for a while and very excited to be doing a gig in Rust Club.

I am running High Fidelity on a Bootcamp Mac Pro (2012), Titan-X GPU and HTC Vive Pro. And your world looks lovely! :slight_smile:

Puddles xx


Hi everyone! I’m Emily, I just started as High Fidelity’s community/social media manager in November. Nice to meet everyone. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m originally from chilly Michigan, but happily moved out to San Francisco five years ago.

First, the difficult question… cake or pie? Key lime pie has always been a favorite, but so is carrot cake or vanilla cake with strawberries and buttercream frosting. I also could eat sushi for almost every meal, so there’s that.

My favorite things about High Fidelity are the beautiful community and domains. I LOVE traveling, especially internationally, so making and maintaining connections worldwide is highly important to me, as is exploring awesome places (both in-world and real life). I particularly love Japan and look forward to seeing a related domain (and a Studio Ghibli one!). The National Parks domain looks awesome; I love camping and hiking IRL. I enjoy photography both in-world and IRL, too.

Other than very specific pie/cake/all sushi, VR, and travel-related things, I love cats. I’ve watched a lot of “how to foster baby kittens” type videos and can’t wait to do so, along with adopting my own kitties. This will hopefully happen after the holidays, but until then, please enjoy these two photos…

My previous roommates’ cat, Rob… he was the best lap cat you could ever have. :heart:

And this is not a kitten I got to foster, but one that was pictured in videos I watched (credit to

Looking forward to meeting you in-world!


Wow, what a surprise to read your name here :slight_smile:

Back in 2007, I’ve got invited by Rissa Maidstone to attend a full-week Secondlife event organized by Dr. Dobbs Journal. During this week I’ve got my first lessons in scripting (a Logo Turtle) and how to build a Plane. Yes, I was a little bit late, but I attended your workshop. It was so much fun!

Unfortunately I delete my plane later by accident, but I have still a flying carpet I created later from what I learned by you in my inventory and of course one of your fameous E-Chutes.


I started my journey through Virtual Worlds back in 2007 in Secondlife and I’ve got addicted. Believing in its potential I created a concierge service with a bot who was able to handle simple tasks and answer questions, but was also able to call a real agent to take over control in case there was a need for. At the time I’ve got this finished the SL hipe was over and the interest of potential customers was low.

What started with a business in mind continued as a hobby. While still being a resident in Secondlife, I later explored Opensimulator and always kept an eye on Sansar and HighFidelity.

It’s amazing how much happened here on HiFi since the last time I’ve seen it. And it’s amazing to see in which direction it developed. It’s no longer what I thought is the vision in the beginning, but the big picture looks still the same. I expected HiFi primarilly to become a kind of a global service infrastructure for any kind of Virtual World, with lesser engagement on the Server Component and Interface Client side than there is today.

Anyway, it’s time to take a closer look again as things sound very promissing and exciting.
See you in-world :wink:


Ahoy there!

I’ve been following HF for a few years, ever since seeing Philip Rosedale present a very early alpha for a meeting of the Israeli VR meetup back in the DK2 days.

I’ve been thinking of doing something here for a long time… what finally made me take the dive is actually being asked to help with a middle school FLL group’s project. :slight_smile:

Who am I:
Some people consider me a VR expert, I don’t usually argue.
I have an active FB group of VR fans and devs in Israel here:

I’m not a programmer.

What I can do is solve problems that require creative thinking and then run away before the implementation phase starts. XD

I think that’s enough for an intro.