The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!


I remember, long ago my first virtual world experience when i was born as a cube on a flat plane. Believe me it was so exciting because even then, in such a limited space, the possibilities seemed endless

Things moved on at a rapid pace with SL, where distracted by the motion of female avatar hips and the consequences of immersion i went in search of ‘art’ because dear readers this VW business was clearly a new genre. I have never been a gamer but SL and Open Sim convinced me that they were uniquely creative spaces for artists, wordsmiths and coders as well as fighters who together could build worlds and imaginary spaces from the ground up

HiFi is what i think most of us have always wanted - connected virtual worlds without boundaries but in removing the boundaries new problems will arise, some of which have not even occurred to us yet and which we can not expect, nor maybe even want, HiFi to solve alone

English, crap coder but OK with Blender.
I guess if pressed i would say that i’m interested in virtual galleries for contemporary art, as well as virtual art and the recreation of historic museums, which is pretty much what concerns me in RL.
And to the retort (you need to) “get a life” - i love sailing and cooking and growing vegetables and reading books about that dirty word philosophy


The Fender Face!
with extra words.


Ahh yea @DrFran! WOOHOO!


I’m David, as you may have guessed.

Have been in Second Life for many years. Developed the CtrlAltStudio Viewer to do stereoscopic 3D in SL while waiting for my Rift DK1 to arrive. Added Rift support as a stop-gap measure until Linden Lab got around to supporting the Rift properly (they’re allegedly almost there now).

Keeping an eye on what Philip was up to, I compiled High Fidelity pretty early on so that I could get an alpha invite and have now been contributing code for a couple of years. Am also doing some scripts of my own.

For non-computational fun: Mountain biking and the arts.


I started drawing and painting when I was 6. From the age 13 until 15 I talked to nobody but I would draw pictures of whoever tried to make me talk. I got into 3d animation software when I was 40 years old. I have always wanted to make my own animation. I love chatting with people from all over the world. However I have found that for me virtual worlds are a no no. This is mainly because I found sitting at a computer screen for hours can become very addictive: Result for me has been bad blood circulation in my legs. I was kind of hoping Hifi would be the kind of virtual world that encourages one to be upright and active.


subongo, nice to see you here. Yes. Get a VR Headset and hand controllers and you can use them walking around your “VR Cave”


It’s still a nice idea. After asking the ears off menthals head first :innocent:
But, we not know how long it takes before the are in the stores here.

And still like to test it first, to see if depth is easy to carch. something that gave me a bit trouble with thoys DK2. foxus whhere off for me too, could be problem too.

I maby nit like HMD, but i cannot do crazy and get one as long the are not for sale.


thanks for the welcome back. I am not sure I can afford VR Headset yet. I tried to buy one last year and they only had expensive work in progress stuff on ebay.
I tried the very cheap 3d video viewer and I was not impressed by the results.
I actually has other ideas for making virtual worlds more realistic but I think I m gone keep those ideas to ma self :jack_o_lantern:


Hello all,

The chance to see a technology grow from the virtual ground up attracted me here. I discovered HF when the invitations to closed Alpha were going around.

I’ve been very dormant in HF due to insufficient equipment. I’m an early adopter, but only when I can afford it. However, I have kept an eye on the forums.

I was impressed by what I saw last year with HF. Enough that I buckled down to teach myself JS from scratch. I look forward to getting back into HF and start writing scripts in JS. I want to make interesting scripted objects and games in HF. I’d also like to join and create more events and interesting activities.

Like many people here, I have a background in Second Life. I first logged on in 2003 and did a few years of support and QA. My day job is usually QA which has mostly been in the video game and virtual world arenas.

tl:dr - I want to be a superuser who helps make it easier and fun for new users to come on-board.

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I am here from 8 years in Second Life, and I must be honest with you, I have no skills at all that can help you create HF…yet

I bought that super expensive video card you suggested, because at this point I can’t even move around in HF very well, but I I have been reading forums and docs and I am determined to be of some use soon! My card arrives on Thursday with a 700watt power supply to go with it.
I love the feeling in SL. I realized a community I thought could never exist. I ran a sim for a while, I have networks of wonderful friends from all over the earth there. I used to volunteer for the SLCC conventions, I miss those. But I want to see how it all began, and like others have said in this forum, perhaps create a community from scratch, with better/different ideals.

All that aside, after just loading up just the interface, I realized I needed to be much smarter than I am, way smarter. So I have made the commitment to try to make something, to create something, and not give up.

Is there any need that you people might have for a noob to experiment on? If so, I am her.

Its nice to see Philip make a new world, I would follow him anywhere.

oh, in answer to questions, I do very little of anything that doesn’t involve a computer… and I would choose pie… apple pie with whipped cream

Lenni Foxtrot


Hi. I am Nikolay.

I am technology enthusiast and currently VR technologies and metaverse is a part of my field of interest. IRL i am PhD student and now i prepare to defend my PhD thesis.

I use SL since february 2010. It was great and progressive platform but this platform has been ruined by incompetent policy of current developers. I searched for libre and open metaverse technology and i’ve found High Fidelity: totally open and advanced platform for metaverse. Despite of some significant usability flaws alpha version (i can describe them in details) of HF was very impressive - this is exactly what i wanted for several years. I hope HF will be a new and general standard for metaverse. I also consider HF also as an opportunity to obtain more skills in different areas of activity.


I’ve already got LeapMotion controller and i am waitnig for my brand new HTC Vive from preorder. Thus i can test HF with foregoing VR equipment.


Hi All,

High Fidelity dabbler since Aug 2014, primarily as a lurker. This is the first time actually signing in to the forums - think I discovered HiFi some time earlier on some random blog for SL or OpenSim.

Long time SL resident and OpenSim denizen, and like Richardus, lost my spark to create for similar reasons. I am currently working on my blender skills so I can build better stuff.

Away from my keyboard: Seeker of adventure and good food.

Cake or Pie? Yes - That was a boolean operator, right?


As a lifetime member of Second Life - 12 years in September 2016, I discovered High Fidelity via announcements, live inworld meet ups, and SL forums regarding the move by Phil to create the “2nd” Second Life project. I immediately signed up and registered as an ‘alpha user’ in support of this new and exciting next step in VR project.

Looking for forward to the frequent and informative updates on the High Fidelity progress and development going forward.

Thanks !


Like ElrorGullwing I’m a member of Second Life. Unfortunately for me I am not a Life Time Member and won’t be 12 in September (I will still only be 9). So, quite precisely I am generally what is known as a Bling Tard- that being how those of my age were styled.

I heard of High Fidelity because I’VE BEEN IN SECOND LIFE FOR NINE YEARS :stuck_out_tongue: minus 1.5 bannings (1.5 of which were rescinded) and a few suspensions (which were not entirely my fault). Also, I keep my nose in the wind and ear to the ground as any faithful newshound should; thus I remain as EVER in the know.

My great desires for High Fidelity are twin:

  1. To NOT be a noob and EVER be an olbie and garner such respect AS SUCH, should High Fidelity take off like Second Life did, so many years ago.

  2. Have SOMEWHERE cool to go should Sansar fail and wreck Linden Lab and end SL and I lose my Juro Kothari custom home which I rent for exorbitant?..extortionate fees from my old pal Lady Dawson (who IS a Life Time Member of Second Life who will be 12 years 8 months old in September).

Noble goals. (I’m vain).

What I’m currently working on is what I’ve always worked on, a little SL news outlet which we always PRETEND isn’t pornographic, then promote as porn, then imply is art, then write funny little things (as captions) and make up words, and cuss a lot. Big fun. We’ve always channeled Larry Flint, but Hugh Hefner popped out; so, we suppose our Second Life’s work is neither Playboy nor Hustler but rather Penthouse on a bad day. (We AIM higher! Hehehehehe).

As an aside, I use the royal “we” when speaking of me because I am The King of Second Life (KOSL). Now, this might seem crazy on the surface. It certainly was presumptuous when I first started calling myself that. Though, a few grand metaversal deeds later and persistent spin allows me in my virtual dotage to wear that tag, King of Second Life in all seriousness. (Just google my name, though some re res prefer “kang” to “king”. The wierdies!).

For fun I play golf. Picture a beautiful summer’s day with the perfect mix of sun and clouds, six beers into an eighteen pack of Bud Light, almost wrecking a golf cart, trying to remember what your driver looks like at the tee. BLISS!

PIE! (Are you MAD!)

I don’t have any cute pet pix; but here is one of me and Ebbe Linden (current CEO of Linden Lab), caws that’s just how I roll.

I am Jumpman Lane. Say hi!


Hey, Jumpman. Have seen you around in SL, but now you are with the cool kiddies. Welcome.


Hey thanks! I’m where I want to be! Eatin’ lunch with the coo kids! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello my name is Harry I I’m new to Fidelity looking for the next 3D chat program to play on hoping to find more friendly people to chat to I use to use second life played as a red anthro fox and I’m part of the furry fandom community
Moved here because I have a new VR headset the HTC Vive second life does not support the HTC so i moved here
my other interests are video games computers and VR hope to see your lot in Fidelity ( :slight_smile:


How I discovered High Fidelity:

I’ve been in Second Life for many years, and while I’m not as active there as I used to be, I keep in touch. So I saw all the discussions about HF from the beginning and followed as much as I could until I was able to take part. I figured I’d use my SL name Fiona Branagh so people who know me can say howdy.

What would you like to do with High Fidelity or VR in general, and/or what are you currently working on?

I want to build and animate stuff like the dickens :slight_smile: I’m trying to put a pet together for the contest but I’m just one person, not a team, and I don’t have tons of ready props to convert so I think winning is out of the question - but I just want to see what I can cram together under the deadline. Maybe I can use the result as an avatar if nothing else.

What do you do for fun (other than VR stuff)?

I like to stay physically active since the computer work would kill me otherwise - working out, soccer referee, tango dancing. I’m sadly a foodie and into wine and interesting cocktails which is another reason I have to stay active. I used to be a historian but the recession kinda killed that field so I’m back to digital stuff full time.

Cake or Pie?


Hello, I’m Maerian.

I’m interested in creating virtual environments for all sorts of reasons creative and social. I got my start in SL, migrated some time ago to Inworldz where my work resides as the Sidhevair islands. I am curious to see what I might be able to do here and will be playing around with that.

I look forward to figuring out how to do things here and getting going.

Hope to see some of you around!


Suilaid, Maerian mellyth.