The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!


Hi, Im Eve, logged in in HiFi ages ago, but havent been active. I am Adrian’s partner. I am very active in Second Life. I am not a genuine builder or coder, so this Hifi has not been so user friendly so far. But, I think it is getting there and I am ready! Nice to be here and say hello to everyone. And btw, I have been following Hifi very closely and you probably can guess why.
Cheers!!! Cake or pie. Vodka!


Hi, I’m Blue Canary,

I discovered High Fidelity through SVVR 2016. I would like to build a medical center in High Fidelity and I am currently working on it. I spend time in VR or at my Maker Space for fun, though I also like to go out with my friends and do outers activities and adventures. I have two cats named Boris and Maria.



That sounds bloody intressting with a shocking result. Especially if it works for everybody in some way. :slight_smile:


Hi Newb here trying to figure a few things out :^) I am a resident of SL and build/create there…one of the artists I know there mentioned HiFi so I checked out the site. I decided I wanted to try it to see how the creation and the socializing works out. Looks Promising ^^

I teach mathematics but I am an artist at heart and in my spare time. Currently just working with a keyboard on a Mac…thinking of what controllers to buy…suggestions? [remember I AM a teacher so not a huge amount of $$]

Exciting to be part of this in Beta. Any btw you can have all the cake and the pie…I like my cookies :wink:


Welcome to High Fidelity,

Lots of us are old Vets from SL here experimenting and learning.

Inputwise, you can use mouse and keyboard: Infact Mouse and keyboard is pretty much the way you get onto creating in and for High Fidelity so theres no actual need to purchase additional controllers.

Some of us however do go around in our Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs). If time permits for you, we are having a community events today ranging from 14-16 PDT / 22-24 GMT as detailed in this thread :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy your stay.


Hi! I’m Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Digital Minister starting October. My first metaverse experience was in SL; discussed briefly with professors William Cook & Crista Lopes on the design that would become SL Browser.

Last weekend I gave an interview in HiFi with Taiwan’s public TV, involving 6 HTC Vive devices in hifi://Plurality/. ( )

The attenuation=0 setting really helped, audio quality was excellent; I didn’t quite get around to make facial blendshapes but it’s otherwise very smooth.

There are two more upcoming demos in Paris: tomorrow ( ) and in December ( — possibly with 3D TV output).


Wow, hello Audrey! Let us know if you need any help from us with those demos, and I am very excited to see the TV interview when it comes out.


Here it is:
(Machine-translatable transcript:公視vr對談)

Pointers on how to make (or references to experts to help on making) facial blendshapes out of and would be awesome!

Next Monday I’ll give createRecorder.js a try with students in HangZhou and we’ll see if it still works. :slight_smile:



I discovered High Fidelity through a very talkative Panamanian Jewish Stanford student who was getting her hair dreaded at an Oakland hair salon. While being privied to her life story for the entire 5 hours it took to get my hair done at a very high volume, she mentioned High Fidelity and i thought I should follow up.

Skyline High School in Oakland, where I work, has been gifted a VR camera and headset and I would love to learn and teach how to create stuff.

Run, binge shows, sports, movies, art

Cheesecake, Peach Cobbler, Blackberry Pie


@Superchiefjeronimo_2 What VR headset were you gifted? Would you like to use High Fidelity in your school? What subject(s) are you teaching?


Heya, I have some documentation available on the avatars them selves :slight_smile: You can find them here


@philip We were gifted an Oculus (don’t know if that is specific enough). Would love to use High Fidelity at the school. I am a paraeducator (teacher assistant) of special education in the computer science track at Skyline in Oakland. Using film to blend art and American football is my passion. VR is the new frontier!!!


@audreyt that video is amazing, we all watched it here at the office and also got some translation support from one of our team members! I’d love to schedule time to talk more with you about your thoughts as to VR Education - I’ll ask Emily to reach out.


This video is so a good example. Love it.


Hello everyone. I’m a long time Second Life user (almost 10 whole years come January). I’m no programmer, but I like to think of myself as an artist. I don’t have any experience with 3D modeling except for the in-game building tools in Second Life.

My primary concern with HiFi is will I be able to build content within it or is everything to be imported from another program? Because to me, that is a huge learning curve. I don’t even know the basics of using any 3D modeling programs. I’ve tried at least 5 to 10 times to jump into programs like Blender or Zbrush, but each time I did, it felt like I needed a master’s degree in rocket science or something.

I feel like if these programs had similar building tools and camera controls like Second Life’s I could get the hang of it because those camera controls are just easy to control and move around quickly. I’d really like to hop into HiFi and start making stuff. I played alpha like…2 or maybe even 3 years ago. I just know is was super early alpha and I had no idea what I was doing. So now it looks like a good time to jump in. Is there anything I should be looking over before I jump into the beta?


Hello there! Don’t mind me, I am just here for the Cake.

I’m a loooooong time SL user.
I have made a few objects in SL back in the day but I’ve mostly just been a consumer of when it comes to virtual verses.

I would love to see HiFi grow up to be a capable VR replacement for the kind of social interactions and recrations I had in SL. Hell, maybe even some Role-playing could be fun in VR. who knows by now?

I would love to contribute with some BETA testing on my own RIG.
i7 2600K
32GB ram
GTX 980 Strix

I don’t have much skills when it comes to programming or 3D modelling soft edged objects or textures. I do some 3D modelling for stuff that I need 3D printed so an easy way for me to import STL files and paint them would be welcome.

In my spare time I like to go skydiving when the weather gods allow me to.


Welcome @Jinxxed0 and @D_Zarster,
Alot of us Alpha’s and Betas that been in High Fidelity are also long time SL users.

Most of the content can be placed and grouped up, but unfortunately they must be imported from external sources for now. Voxel tools have been in an out of testing but they havent found a solution for it yet that would stick without causing issues. However, because everything is open, and scripts manipulate everything in the Interface, its completely possible for someone to make tool kits similar to SLs build tool. I suggest checking out, for starters, @ctrlaltdavid (of CtrlAltStudio Viewer), he has made a camera tool, which makes the camera work similar to the second lifes one For now, we do not yet have prim-tool-kits available.

@D_Zarster :slight_smile:Yeah that rig would do just fine.

Both of you Feel free to pop in when the folks over at the High Fidelity office are holding the friday weeklies. Info should be available in the Event Calendar


@Menithal Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out. Is there a 3D modeling program I should attempt to learn? I’d actually like to learn it for SL as well, but have no idea where to start. I guess most people use blender because it’s free. But honestly, at this point, I’d like something that’s a little bit easier to get into and that would import into SL + HiFi


Hello. I installed HF for the first time today, and eager to find out what’s possible. Having been in Second Life since 2003, I guess my impression of virtual spaces has been coloured by that, but I’m open to learning a new VR paradigm.

I have experience creating models in Blender for use in SL. Who knows, maybe that’ll be useful. But that’s a long way off, since right now I’m still learning the basics like how to move/look around. Still haven’t figured out how to change my avatar’s appearance, but one thing at a time, right?

Hope to run into other SL veterans. :slight_smile: