The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!


Welcome @CubeyTerra Your name is saying enough. I remember your airport from the early Secondlife days the 2008 and up years.

Knowing a bit blender is very usefull, i learned in high fidelity more about blender then i ever could do with secondlife.

So hope to see you, jump in on the friday meeting in high fidelity.

Hint: Look at the marketplace for now to get some avatar for now :wink:


Hi, My name is David Batty, I am from Leyland, Lancashire, England. I have been a programmer for 35 years, I have been teaching programming and computer subjects for 30 years. I travel the country delivering teacher training in programming for GCSE and A Level qualifications.

I have been in Second Life for ten years and I have a good amount of roadside land near the Linden Land in the old part of Second Life at Furness.

I enjoy playing the accordion in my spare time and I run a club, online radio station, websites and newsletter for the accordion community.

David Batty


Welcome in


Hi, nice to be here. I just started with HF recently. I am still active in SL, but the writing seems to be on the wall there.

I discovered High Fidelity by googling “Sansar vs”, after I got fed up waiting for Sansar (After my Oculus DK2 setup stopped working in SL). Why-ever did they kill Oculus in SL before offering an alternative?

I guess I am a lazy creator. I’ve created my places pretty much like I would in RL; by putting together stuff bought from many suppliers, though I’ve gone out on a limb now and then to create something from first principles, or to write / amend scripts. I love fantasy architecture & dance animations in VR, and machinima.

So, enough about me. I am really here to report an error I encountered when trying to purchase a HF group using Paypal, as I can’t see a specific portal for reporting Beta errors. I have a screenshot of the problem. Anyone know where best to post?



Haha Judas :slight_smile: :-)…


P.S. It has to be Pie for me, can’t get enough of it.
P.P.S Caitlyn, I would really love to be able to import my SL avatar and dance animations to HF. Do you know of any way to do this?


If u have the Avastar attachment for blender u can export an avatar xml file of your shape into blender avastar.
But skins and stuff are the ip of the creators
u can use these tho
You coudl then run the avatar through adobe mixamo fuze rigging thing thing
which would work in hifi


Thanks Judas, I will have a go at that


I’m a physicist turned C++ developer. I’ve been working at High Fidelity since early 2014. Before that I was Andrew Linden in SL.

I mostly work on the Hifi physics system and avatar inverse kinematics but also do misc feature development and bug fixing.

I’m not serious gamer or VR user outside of work, but I really enjoy the challenge and complexity of building large scale online virtual worlds. I’m a proponent of open source and free software which is another reason why I’m so excited to be working on this ambitious project.

In my spare time I ride, maintain, and repair mid 1980’s Japanese motorcycles.

I like small dry cakes called “cookies”, preferably oatmeal raisin.


I remember you, Cubey… and your airports. Been a long time. Maybe someday we will meet up in the “New SL”. :wink:


Hi all,

my name is Basinsky, from Holland. I have been using High Fidelity for some time now. At first only deskop and recently with the oculus rift. I will get the touch controllers in december. From the nineties I have been interested in VR. Back then I went to london with school and tried the dactyl nightmare vr game by w-industries at the trocadero arcade. Although the graphics were really bad, I still had a sense of presence. I have been following computer graphics and game design for a long time. I started programming on my commodore 64,and commodore amiga 500, . I’m not a schooled programmer but I know enough to do some general scripting. When second life came I had an account for some time but although I liked all the possibilities it had, I was disappointed that most of the people were only building shops and casinos. I have used Unity to build stuff, mostly fiddeling with it and finding out how it works. Last year I have been learning myself Blender and can use it fairly well. I imported a machine, I made in solidworks, to blender edited it and saved it. And used the model in Unity to create an android app so I could view my machine with Google Cardboard!. I have an arduino and can program it using processing.

In real life I am a mechanical engineer, designing machines for the corrugated industry. I use CAD to model parts for machines. The program I use is Solidworks a great tool for precise modeling. I play the guitar and play chess at a chess club (elo Rating 1600, challenge me in HIFI for a game!). I like SF and 90’s alternative music.

My world in Hifi is yellow-circuit-8461

Pie or cake? Always pie: like Banana-Caramel pie:


Hey All,

My user name is Jonathan Russell which is also my Second Life user name. I discovered High Fidelity by searching for a Second Life VR plugin or viewer. What really impressed me is the sound. Surrondsound type audio certainly adds a dimension to VR that is hard to overstate.

I’m not a coder, and at 57 I’m not too keen to learn. Fortunately, I know a lot of people who are. Still, I’ll probably avail myself of the talent here while trying to not wear out my welcome. In return, I’m think of starting a video tutorial series on YouTube for my fellow noncoding, don’t know jack squat about networking, idiots. That will probably be a while since the learning curve here is a bit steep compared to Second Life.

What I want to do with VR and High Fidelity is create a training environments for a variety or professionals. But with emerging tech, who knows what direction that will take.

RL stuff? Who has a life? Just kidding. I enjoy being physically active. I live in a part of California that is about 45 miles from either the ocean or mountains, so I’m lucky there. I also enjoy old movies from the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Cake or pie? Now there’s a false dilemma if I ever heard one. :wink: Carrot cake and pecan pie. Probably leaning more towards the pie right now since Thanksgiving is just next week.



Hiyas people!

Found high fidelity a day or two before my Vive arrived and I have been keen as mustard to start creating my own world and environments. I work for VicParks in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia), doing mostly garden maintenance stuff and as such would love to teach myself 3D modelling, photogrammetry and a myriad of other related subjects to hopefully create my own visual zen to sit in.

Just met a few people online, we went to Judas’ world and I tried to add you guys to friends list but to no avail. I was the blue guy, Oli. Please get back in contact with me as I learnt quite alot just being privy to your conversations!

Hope to see you in HF.



Hi I’m Jay, I love creating art and have a deep appreciation of 3D design since I first discovered it when I was 12 at the markets. I found HiFi on google. I would love like to create an art gallery for my art and my friends. I look forward to building my world in the metaverse.


Hi, my name’s Peter. I’m a virtual world builder with a professional background in 3D art and game development. I love building 3D worlds and spending time in them with others. I found out about Hi-Fi through an OpenSim community on Google Plus (I previously ran a few OpenSim worlds of my own). Hi-Fi is an incredibly exciting platform to me with lots of potential. I can see it becoming huge in the future of social VR and virtual worlds.


Hi, everybody. I’m going on 5 decades and easily more than 3 of them have been spent in the digital dimension. I keep telling my wife it is not to escape this one but to experience the other. She will see soon enough as I have promised to take her on a date to the moon.

For money I design graphics in 2D and for fun I explore the imagination of Miyamoto with my children. I am working on a spaceship that will be easy for all of us to drive from here to anywhere, so that date to the moon is a promise I intend to fulfill very soon.

I can’t wait!


Hey from NY,

I’m just a technology enthusiast, a VR fanatic, and a sci-fi lover. Currently getting into programming and game development myself, High Fidelity is starting to look like a dream come true!

I’m coming from Second Life, after hearing that Philip Rosedale was working on a VR metaverse instantly piqued my interest.

I can’t wait to try out all the cool things you guys create!


Hi everyone. I’m Meta Starostin.

Today, I downloaded High Fidelity and installed the Sandbox and Interface and found my Home without too many problems :smile:

I have been a resident in Second Life since 2007 and can build, texture and script a bit. I also have some experience as a DJ

It is a matter of time to do the tutorials to transfer these skills across to High Fidelity.



Hi Everyone,

I am a visual storyteller working in film and television production but I’m increasingly more and more interested in the intersection of VR and cinema. I discovered High Fidelity and realised it was a good place for me to experiment and try out some theories and ideas I have about shared interactive storytelling in VR. I’m computer and tech savvy but not a coder and not a world builder. I’m hoping to meet many of you and eventually find some collaborators for a project I’m working on inside HiFi. I’ve enjoyed reading these forums and am excited to be a part of a new and exciting community.

Cake or Pie? I like cake for breakfast and pie after watching a movie.

Cute pets? Um, yes. My bulldogs, Bacon and Egbert.



I am another secondlife resident looking for nicer alternatives.

HiFi was brought to my attention through friends, most of which were trying it through VR.

I spend most of my spare time scripting and working on small code projects, so thats most likley what im going to end up doing in HiFi too.

Thanks for the awesome software.