The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!


Hello all,

Glad to meet everyone and be a member of the HF community. I’m a longtime SL user with tons of high hopes that High Fidelity will thrive and become the new standard for virtual communities.

In RL I’m a woman in my 50’s, graphic artist, just beginning to learn about 3D modeling since things have finally progressed to the point where I’m interested enough in creating my own content to slog through the fairly technical aspects of it. Also in RL I’m involved in event production and I’m fascinated to see how VR will evolve in terms of social meeting spaces and performance art.

Everyone knows that the cake is a lie so I’m going to have to go with pie. :wink:

I could show a lot of pictures of my dogs, but here’s a lamb I bottle fed this year which is cuter than any of them.

See y’all around!



  • I discovered High Fidelity asking about open source alternatives to OpenSim in opensim-user mail list.
  • I want a metaverse similar to the one described in “Ready Player One”. I’m working on developing an inworld computer that works in OpenSim.
  • I like to ride my motorcicle each day thinking about my work as SysDev (80% Sysadmin and 20% Developer). I also like to play with my children and discovering new things each day.
  • Cake of pie or pie of cake. :wink:

See you inworld!


Hi Folks,

I discovered High Fidelity about two years ago after OpenWonderland stopped being a thing.

I would like to create learning simulations for individuals with autism. That’s what I’m working on.

For fun I restore classic motorscooters and arcade cabinets and mess around with all sorts of maker projects.


Hi, I am Cracker Hax from the USA. I was a Second Life user for a long time but got fed up with it. Now I am here.

How you discovered High Fidelity

I remember reading an article about Philip Rosedale leaving Second Life to pursue other projects so I kept up with what he was doing. He is sort of the Elon Musk of the digital world, so I knew he was going to come up with something cool.

What would you like to do with High Fidelity or VR in general, and/or what are you currently working on?

Let’s see, so far I have created a javascript library for formatting text into movable windows, a chat client, and some other stuff. I am currently working on implementing bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin code into hifi.

Also I have a bunch of hifi placenames I would like to develop.

What do you do for fun (other than VR stuff)?

Gaming (mostly MUDS or rogue-likes), travel, camping

Cake or pie?

Neither. I’m not a big fan of desserts. Gimme bacon or steak.


It’s about time. Aren’t you an alpha??? Well, welcome anyway.


Haha yeah, but I never introduced myself. And I wanted the badge.




Hi Everyone-
I’m excited to be here working with the internal HiFi team to create great stuff in the metaverse. I’ll primarily be managing the development that’s done externally and making sure the experience is a good one for all of our developers. A lot of our outsourced work is going to be listed on so if you want to put your JavaScript talents to work on paid projects, please IM me as well as checking out the list of job there.

Always happy to help in any way possible and really looking forward to getting to know everyone!

How you discovered High Fidelity

I was watching Brad Davis’s Integrating 2D UI with VR Environments talk and he mentioned High Fidelity was working on a open source distributed metaverse. so I googles “High Fidelity” and it come u[ with the movie sp I googled, “High Fidelity VR” and found you guys.

What would you like to do with High Fidelity or VR in general, and/or what are you currently working on?

While waiting for a VR port of Jurassic Park: Trespasser I’m working on getting Solipsis working in Linux.

What do you do for fun (other than VR stuff)?

I play on MUCKs.

Cake or pie?

Pie! Chocolate, coconut cream, turkey pot…


Welcome Dr…second Dr. :wink:


Greetings I am Bill Windwalker and I am 57 years old and I at times can be a bull in a china shop.
I love to try and help and do Beta Testing and finding small things that may be bugs to start with.
I got to try out a computer and programing in 1975 paper ribbon with holes in it.
In the 1980 got to work with setting up IBM ps2 intranet system for a library.
1983 got to setup a library system with internet and computer index system.
And setting up and programing my first smart data base on a home build computer.
And was making clocks and clock parts and repairing old watches.
1985 got to be the IT computer admin at the local library and working at home learning about archiving data and image work.
1987 got to work with internet lotus menu systems and programing for internet data files.
1989 built my first server from parts and only had a green screen to work with still better them the RGB one that loved to get to hot and smoked.
1990 started working with CAD and going crazy not getting the number right the first time.
Had problems getting people using the computers to understand some basic tools to make things work better.
1994 was working with image format and scanning with a hand scanner to test recording text to a ocr for moving old books from around the 1700 in to computer tiff and text to test archiving other forms of data.
when I got in to my 40’s I had to stop all work do to health problems.
got to play around with interesting software like 3D games.
trying to still help people at time but my memory is not as good any more but still learning and my Patty and I we get to go places in our free time and we seem to have a lot of that now days.
I do think that this program will be the right new step in a way that may be what some new company’s that are working with 3D mapping real life to computers just may need for archiving the real world in great new ways that’s never has ever been seen before.


Hello I’m Vegaslon.
I have been messing with graphic social platform for a very long time. I started off with a application called The Palace, a 2d version of Second Life, where I built content for a chat domain that contained video game enthusiasts.
Then as time went on and hardware got better I moved into Second Life a few years after it was introduced to the public. where I built and sold content, the most popular being virtual dirt that grew virtual plants.
My time with Second Life was full of many events but as it started to wain I found I wanted to create content that would last past the rent payments and currency. That lead me to Open Simulator where I was able to build content that could stand the passage of time and also contribute to the source code to make its many worlds a better place, and I did just that contributing bug fixes and creating virtual vehicles compatible with the Second Life Vehicle API.
As I built more and more for OpenSim and interacted with the developers I just kind of merged with High Fidelity. OpenSim and High Fidelity not being that far apart in their goals, close enough that there was a presentation on High Fidelity at one of the OpenSim Community Conferences.

I think High Fidelity has potential and I have recently been experimenting with building, scripting and interacting with other avatars in world, My latest spree of activity starting off with me creating, rigging, texturing and then wearing a rusty robot avatar.



I am trevorh. I just joined High Fidelity and am still blundering around finding my feet (and other parts!).

I have been in Second Life since 2007, and have been working with a veteran ex-IBM guy who spent the last two years of his IBM career doing real work in SL. I am interested in the potential for HF to be a platform for communities of practice who want to get real work done, so am interested in integrating it with possible Distributed Ledger Platforms, with a particular interest in Ethereum.

I’m struggling to get Interface to work properly on my MacBook Pro. So far, there are no audio devices available and Interface needs to be quit forcibly because it won’t close down.

I clearly have a lot to learn :slight_smile:


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I’m Vicki, a soon-to-be-retired physics professor and Second Life enthusiast. I have used SL since 2008 in my teaching, and would love to get deeper into VR in my retirement. I’m pretty adept with LSL, which is not going to help me here, I understand.

I’m married, live in the NE United States, have two dogs (shih-tzu and mini poodle), three birds (conure and two cockatiels), two grown daughters, two grown step-daughters, two grandsons, and I like to cook.


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Hello hello!

I’m Liv, aka MissLiviRose - you may see me in-world under either. I joined High Fidelity in January and I’m focusing on content and prototyping. I’ve been hanging around SF with @Jazmin over the past year and followed High Fidelity for a while before diving in to make my own VR home. Outside of High Fidelity, I run a non-profit for VR education and have recently picked up aerial yoga.

Cake is the best when it’s not a lie. I also have a 4 year old cat who has a love-hate relationship with my VR devices.


Okay, here goes:

My name is Lisa, and I love Hi Fidelity and all things VR!

I’m currently doing Growth and Biz Dev/Investor Relations with SpiritualVR. I’m a rookie with Hi Fidelity, but am learning all the time. I discovered the platform through word-of-mouth from VR experts as well as Liv’s “The Matrix is my Office” blog (big fan!)

Pie… any kind of pie plus icecream and sorbet! :raised_hands:


Wait you have my cat!


Hi, i’m Michel, from France.
Quite some time spent in previous virtual worlds, like Opensim, Second Life, Open Wonderland, and more.
Though I discovered HF early (watching Philip), I felt it … was too early to starting prototyping and investigating projects with it.
My main interest is in HF’s use for e-learning, online communities in general, and sustainable development areas, but today my activities are mainly in the e-learning, advanced things like gamification, storytelling,…

See U,