The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!


Hi there - I’m Katchi. I just found HiFi today and am excited to learn more about the environment and all of the people that play here. I have dabbled in SL for a few years; nothing major, just a user. Hope to do more here as things progress.

Look forward to meeting you in-world. :sunglasses:



Hello, I’m Eric (Boterick).

I’ve been observing High Fidelity with interest for about a year. I am a Systems Engineer by trade, and Since 3rd Feb 2017, I’ve also been working as a part time PhD candidate researcher on a self-proposed research project with the Open University titled “The Possibilities of Real World First Person View (FPV) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Interactions with the users of Virtual Environments”. Now that I have been able to compare with the other main contender (I am not allowed to say which, but I think you can guess), I believe (and am hoping) High Fidelity is a real potentially suitable virtual environment for the purposes of the project, and I am looking to investigate this further.

I can’t be in here too much yet, as there is still much work required to get the academic project to the stage of serious virtual world testing, but I should be “Checking in”, at least once daily, now that my HiFi sandbox (“REMMI-UAV”), is installed and auto-starting in my every day workstation. This has already been used as a demo of VR capability to the project academic supervision. If you are curious about the project, all are most welcome to come and have a look at whatever might be in processs in the REMMI-UAV sandbox. Also, more info is available on my website, and on Linkedin

I am excited by, and looking forward to developments with HiFi.

Update 28/10/2018 The Remote-me project has been encapsulated as a PhD academic research component, and extended to a much larger non-profit public research project, VRENAR (VR Enabled AR). This was following some abstract research carried out on the consequences of the main enabler of the project, Structure from Motion, applied to AR headsets, together with Markerless Motion Capture capability, including economic societal effects.


Hi everybody! I’m Alisa, and I’m a new(ish) Product Manager at High Fidelity.

My job is to identify new fun features to put in the metaverse and also to do boring stuff like track bugs and engineering time. My background is in Game Design and Production, most recently in VR! I’m a huge VR fanatic :smiley:

You may see me from time to time in Welcome testing something out or just hanging around, I usually have a drink in my hand, which is how you’ll know me :wink: . Feel free to say hey or let me know about any issues or bugs you’ve been having, with the understanding that my powers to address them immediately are in fact limited :slight_smile:

Cake has frosting. Cake wins.


Hi everyone. I’m Phil. I’m an architect for a large interactive agency. I have a research interest in making availability, performance, security etc work right in agile projects. Currently I’m running a small team doing things with node.js, BDD, infrastructure as code etc. I’m enjoying being hands on again after a couple of decades of drawing boxes and lines, and looking around for interesting private projects. It sort of feels like now might be the right time to get involved with VR stuff.


Hello everybody,

My name is Ryan Schultz and I first began exploring virtual worlds with Second Life almost exactly one decade ago. I have been involved with various virtual worlds over the past ten years, including failed services such as Cloud Party and Blue Mars. I am excited about the possibilities of social virtual reality in general, and High Fidelity in particular. I’ve been on HiFi since January, when I got my cable modem upgraded to a high enough speed to properly load my avatar in-world.

Cake or pie? Pie :slight_smile:


Hi, I thought I had introduced myself already here, but it must have been the alpha forum back ~2014. I came back in February, totally enjoying HiFi now, so many improvements over a couple years, its my VR destination of choice!

I started in SL in 2007(Sculpt maps Galore) , Blue mars (Gridrock city), Cloud party (Vaporware), pattern of trying to help folks with Blender, making models/textures, scripting … audio … anything VR!

Drop me a line in world or here on the forums, always up for a chat about anything 3d or gadgets etc…

Hot apple PIE with ice cream

-Corey- aka: whyroc


Hellllo there and I also thought that I had introduced myself already: name’s Draxtor, Bavarian by birth, Second Lifer by choice :wink:

But seriously: as excited about the Metaverse as I have been since I started making Machinima reportages in SL over 10 years ago.

Visit me in the draxtor domain - a work in progress broadcast studio type thingie - and tell me what is happening, maybe there is a story in there somewhere…


Hi my name is Anthony and I have been involved with second life and opensim for quite awhile, I am a ASP.Net developer and my focus has been on opensim. Seven years ago I had partnered with an associate of my to started a hosting company for the Opensim environment and I am currently looking into including Highfidelity as one of our hosting packages.

Love virtual worlds and I am always fascinated with many of the creative environments people come up with on these platform. Really digging into what hightfidelity is capable of, and I must say it looks promissing.


Hi, I am Mike, techno-geek and fashion photographer. I have been involved in virtual worlds/communities for many years, going back to the heyday of the Well. Been involved in SL, off and on, for many years.

Found HiFi a couple of years ago, walked around using my desktop for a while. Been away for a year or so, but have decided to give VR a try and will be hooking that up this week.

In RL, I am involved in the Blockchain space, having founded ArtByte, the digital currency supporting artists back in May 2014 (link on my profile, for those interested).

I look forward to meeting everyone in world!



Hello! I’m Hawmy. I like watching movies and writing music. I want to work as a film scorer. In fact, that goal of mine is what led me to learning about HiFi. As an avid fan of John Williams, I decided to read Ready Player One last summer (Williams is scoring the film adaption). I didn’t particularly enjoy the novel itself, but the concept got me thinking about social worlds. A few months later, around September, I wrote an essay in my writing class about the real world impacts of virtual communities. In my research, I learned about SL. After mulling over SL, I started thinking about VR and it’s rising prominence in today’s technology, and wondered about a rehash of SL in VR. So, I went to google and looked it up, which led me here. Sadly, I don’t have a computer good enough or and VR devices (or money to upgrade) to truly experience HiFi, so I’ll just be following from the outside until VR is more accessible, or I can make enough money to experience it for myself.

I’m not too skilled at coding or building things, so if and when I get an HMD and a nice computer, I’ll mostly just be a consumer. I do think that HiFi does provide an incentive for me to learn new things though. The prospect of possibly being able to make real world money for my own creations is tempting and offers a nice reward for learning more computer skills. Plus, coding and other computer skills are becoming more and more important in today’s society as technology is becoming more integrated with our everyday lives; It wouldn’t hurt to have those skills for future use. But for now, I’m just a hopeful onlooker at this incredible emerging technology

Outside of technology, I’m pretty musical. I mainly play horn and piano, but can play most other instruments (I’m not too good at woodwinds, but strings and brass :ok_hand:) Also, as I’ve already stated, I like watching movies. I also enjoy playing with yo-yos. I’m pretty good too. My favorite band is the Aquabats. They’re pretty great, and have influenced my personality profoundly. It’s probably also pretty important to mention that I’m a Mormon because it’s an integral part of my life and my personality.

Between cake or pie, I’d probably have to pick pie, but I’m not to huge a fan of either.


Hello, everybody!

I heard an interview with Philip Rosedale on the “Voices of VR” podcast, came for a look. So far, I’m quite optimistic. Really appreciate the open source and community centered approach.

I’ve been around the internet for a while. Since a 56k modem was incredibly fast, and telnet was the only way to travel. The hot new tools were ftp, nntp and gopher. Community was BBS. Then came http and text-based browsers, followed by the revelation and revolution of Mosaic.

And the hits keep happening. Exciting times. But not all the innovation has been to my liking.

At one time - before DNS, back when you found new websites by updating your hosts file - sites would be dropped for behavior so crude as commercial use. At one time, all email servers were open relays. Can you imagine?

Lots of changes. But I was drawn to this technology, to ICT, by the potential for new forms of storytelling, and that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe here. Maybe now.

Now, if only HMDs weren’t so damn expensive! Does anyone know if HF will work with the new Windows Mixed Reality headsets? Seems they’re tied to UWP. Can’t believe I’m installing Windows again, wading back into Microsoft documentation!

Is there a developer’s forum here?
Oh, and cake or pie? This physical body is pretty high mileage, sugar is just another white powder and I have to say no thanks. Unless, of course, it’s organic, unprocessed, with low glycemic index…


Hi everyone,

My name is Aaron Delwiche. I’m a professor in the Department of Communication at Trinity University in San Antonio. This summer, I’m working with a student named Andrea Acevedo on a summer grant (“The Butterfly Project”) that attempts to use virtual worlds to document the experiences of undocumented immigrants in South Texas.

When we put together the grant proposal, we identified High Fidelity as a target platform but our sense of possibility was derived largely from experiences with Second Life during the virtual world boom of the previous decade.

Now that the summer has arrived, we’re immersing ourselves in High Fidelity and trying to figure out how it works. I have many questions about what is (and is not) possible/realistic in High Fidelity, and would love to chat with someone who can field some of my questions.

Our HTC Vive won’t arrive until June 2nd, so – for now – we’re just poking around at the tool-set and trying to figure out what we can do without actually having the handset and HMD. I had assumed that it would be possible to navigate this space (and interact with objects) relying solely on mouse and keyboard, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

If anyone can point us toward other forums and resources for connecting with the High Fidelity community, I would be very grateful.

Thanks! Nice to meet everyone.



Hello Everyone! My name in every virtual world is Raven Luna and, oddly enough, I am known more by my virtual name than my “real” one. :sunglasses: I am another seeker by way of Second Life - I’ve been there for almost 11 years and am heavily involved in scripting and education (I am the museum curator and estate manager for the University of Washington Islands in SL and mentor students building or scripting on the islands). It was only natural to follow Philip from Linden Lab to High Fidelity - I consider him a visionary, and his passion for virtual experiences is addictive. I had to wait until beta because I didn’t have the time to jump into alpha. Instead, I lurked the github (and still do).

When I was 16, I learned Pascal. It was my first programming language and I was hooked. Nearly 34 years later :astonished: I’m still writing code and would LOVE to see what I can do here. My mundane life is spent as an IT consultant and webmistress for the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at Cal Poly State University. In addition to daily duties, I enjoy introducing new tech to the college. It was a blast bringing my new HTC Vive into work and watching the faces of faculty and staff who thought they’d seen it all. So, I’m here to see if I can push that collaborative building environment from opensim to High Fidelity. I’d like to introduce this to my colleagues at the University of Washington as well.

Just to prove that I am a total geek, my fun projects tend to lean to costume design for medieval faires and ComicCon. I love to design and create, and roleplay. The fantastic world of the imagination conquers all, right? Plus, well, it’s good therapy after being helpdesk to 1000+ students at finals time.

Oh, and pie. Pie is awesome. :smile:

This is my sweetie and occasional PITA, Buttons. She loves the packaging her toy comes in much more than the toy itself…



I discovered High Fidelity when I googled Second Life VR support.

I am considering buying a VR system but am unaware of much to do with it besides some lackluster games. I would like to get into creating in VR. My experience is limited but when has that ever stopped anyone. :slight_smile:

For now, I am just exploring the possibilities.

I also enjoy flying, sailing, fishing and motorcycling. (I’m suppose to say spending time with my wife and children but I don’t want to start off our relationship with a lie) :innocent:

Cake or Pie? Neither…I despise sweets.


Hello, I’m Cristiano. I’m a long time Second Life user (my original account is from 2002), and I run I recently purchased an Oculus Rift headset and I’ve now become obsessed with VR, including exploring things like High Fidelity, VRChat, and other emerging VR virtual worlds and spaces. I’m looking forward to learning a lot more about High Fidelity. I’ve spent a little time in it, but I’m still in the overwhelmed by VR phase so I’ve been trying a bunch of things.

As an avid SL user, I have been aware of the alternatives that have been emerging, but until I got into VR, I only paid mild attention to them. High Fidelity has been on my radar because of the Phillip Rosedale connection. I tried it in non-VR, but didn’t really understand the appeal until trying it in VR. I’m excited about the possibilities of it.

I’m a web/mobile application developer professionally, and also a novice game developer and an avid gamer. I hope to become involved in this community as I learn more about High Fidelity.

Also, I’m a pie person - mainly raspberry.


Wow, great to see you here, Crisitano.


Hi, I’m Jukka. I’m a software developer and VR researcher, and I sort of stumbled upon High Fidelity when looking into social side of VR. Right now I’m just trying things out, trying to understand how High Fidelity works under the hood.

I try to keep myself plugged out every once in a while, digging around in the garden, reading or whatever. Boring stuff, really. I like to tell myself I like hiking. Can’t remember the last time I actually went for a hike. Oh, and definitely pie over cake. The cake is a lie. Pie is real.


Tervetuloa, Glad to see other Finns here as well :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Ilsa but I name myself after colorful minerals.
Like seemingly everyone else here, I’ve been involved in online communities and virtual places for a sizable chunk of my lifetime.

I’d heard of HIfi for a while but somehow got it into my head that it was a windows-only affair. Then a few weeks ago I saw “open source” mentioned and now I’ve joined the ranks of those building on linux.

I love to make stuff and to script and right now I’m trying out ALL THE THINGS and it’s super fun. So many ideas, so little time.

Pie would be lovely, thanks!