The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!


Hi, I’m Zeja Pyle. (Known here as Alézia Kurdis.)

I was born in Second life in May 2006 and had a good life there.
I’ve kept an eye on the High Fidelity’s activities since 2014, from a certain distance.

In February 2017, I have been invited to try “Sansar”… So I started to have a closer look on “High Fidelity” in the same time, to figure which one was the most aligned with my vision of a logical continuity for the metaverse.
I started to use Blender (that I haven’t significantly used before) and built on the both platforms for a time. I came to the conclusion that I was to invest my time on High Fidelity. Because I like its architecture and the freedom that this system offers.

In April 2017, I reused my pre-VR machine to make my own 24/7 available High Fidelity server. That’s where you are when you go at “Vankh”.

Cake or pie, I don’t care, at the moment there is chocolate :wink:


Hello everybody!!! happy to be here, just a newbie, joined recently.


Welcome in maybe avoid the swimming pool :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Darren and I’m interested in using High Fidelity, Oculus and BinaryVR as part of a Masters Dissertation - to look at whether facial emotion may improve the use of VR-based collaborative learning, as well as if there are any slight changes to current observable VR issues, those being the Uncanny Valley phenomena, Proteus and Disinhibition effects.

I just wanted to check whether High Fidelity are happy with this use of the platform?

Kind regards



The best part about High Fidelity is that it is Open Source, this means you can do whatever you want with it.

The more studies and papers done the better, humans are moving into a new dimension.
I would look forward to hearing your findings.


Hello! Peppermint Patty here (SL: BellaLuna X). I’ve been an Avatar since 2009 (human years). I’ve produced Mixed-Reality events using Holographic Projection in the real world. I met Philip Rosedale at NASA where I showed him my work in Motion Capture using Organic Motion and Musion with SL. I am a current Avatar Artist in Residence at the Crossworlds Gallery in SL and have been a guest speaker in the Open Simulator Community Conference, SL National Community Conference, Metaverse Cultural Series and just LOVE to fly with VR!

I discovered HF through Philip Rosedale who mentioned it at NASA Ames.
I am a content producer so I would like to continue doing Mixed Reality events with my Doob Avatar in HF and Enflux MoCap suit. I am currently working on Simulation Based Learning and STEAM applications in VR for Live Action Role Playing.
For fun I go on Road Trips and look for extraordinary experiences and places.
Avocado Pie is where it’s at. It takes 10 minutes to make it, doesn’t require baking, and tastes like heaven!


Hello, beverly Zauberflote checking in. I hail from SL which i joined in 2006 and quickly became fascinated with building stuff. I have gone from there to live and work in multiple Opensim grids which i am thoroughly enjoying.
I don’t remember where i heard of HF but i joined a few years back and never really did anything with it. Lately i decided to check it out and am hoping to learn how to create here. So far it is a big paradigm shift for me but i am enjoying it and recently got a bonfire uploaded and working!! For fun…i like to garden, cook, play with the doggies and create 3d models/textures etc.
cake or pie? PIE of course…cake is a lie! :wink:


Hello I am a box headed robot who runs around the metaverse here is a picture of me doing my routine workout

I like to make stupid things and be a goofball. Pleasure to meet you all!

PS I now have a neat badge. awe yeah



People talk so I, Nya Alchemi came to see whats good.
I make things, I sell them. I hustle.
Something about a badge for writing ‘Hello’ here.

I spend a loooooot of time in:
Blender (past), Maya (present), Substance Painter (side love) Rift (nothing but heart eyes).
Extremely happy to be working in those programs, delighted to see other enjoying my efforts as well.
I want to see what I can do here.

If cake and pie both are on the table, can I share halfsies with anyone?
Why I have to choose just one!?

Behold! I have a cat.



I wanted to say hello, how are you? I’m new to HF. Been in SL (although off and on for some time) since 2006. I dabble in Blender and look forward to learning enough JS to make things happen in HF like I used to with LSL in SL =)

aka Phil Hanner (my oldest surviving SL toon)
aka Toftberg


I’m sure no-one noticed :cry: but my private web space just blinked out of existence. No need for concern, this was intentional - I am in the process of re-branding. :smile:


Hello there, I am new to the community, normally I don’t post in forums tho I feel like since this is more then just an online game and something I can be apart of I wanted to stop by here and introduce my self.

I go by the name ZaneLear in games I play online, I enjoy PC gaming, making videos once in a while for YouTube and doing live streams on Twitch, now that I finally have a VR head set I can do more and types of video!

Currently I am rendering some stuff I recorded within High Fidelity earlier today, I hope that the people from the event remember who I was and etc, that and also will see them selves in the video, if anyone is interested in checking the stuff out, look for ZaneLear on YT, I know I have 3 accounts, tho the one with Orbus is the main one, I will remove the other accounts later.

I also am not sure where I can post YT videos so I hope in gen chat that is alright?


Hello everyone! :grinning:

My name is Janet Lee, and I’ve joined High Fidelity in March as an employee – currently working on product marketing/partnerships! Before joining, I’ve previously worked at Apple, VC, a VR gaming company, and dibble dabbled in few personal projects here and there.

How did I discover HiFi? I’ve heard of Second Life before and got familiar with High Fidelity while researching various players within the social VR space about two years ago.

What would you like to do in HiFi? I’d love to have biannual family reunions (as I have relatives residing in multiple continents), attend a music festival, and see if music therapy will be feasible in VR with audio/visual stimulation.

What do I do for fun? I love traveling to new places/cities/countries for cultural experiences, discovering music/performing arts I’ve never heard/seen before, and working on side projects related to photography and writing. In addition to playing the violin, I used to be part of a Korean drum dance company in SF. If interested in what Korean drum dancing (“Samgomu”) looks like, check out one of our performances here:

I’m the furthest to the right in that drum line :laughing:

Cake or pie? I have a HUGE sweet tooth but I’d have to side with cake!


Hello folks!

I’m a tech consultant and passionate VR/AR explorer/researcher with a particular focus on social vr. I’ve made a great livelihood these last 3 decades working as an independent creative advising publishing companies on ways they can embrace new tech. I want to introduce my clients to VR/AR/MR and the new possibilities which that will open to them.

Have heard about HF since it’s inception. I’ve followed the work of Philip Rosedale with great interest over the years. I’m one of the ones that spent far too much time in Second Life. My interest in this type of work started as a teenager with my first company - a holography and laser entertainment business. Took the first courses in holography that UCLA offered in the 1980’s. Experienced my first VR experience in an arcade in the 1990’s. It blew my mind at the time.

I want to build my own unique and sparkling worlds in HF as a place to experiment and explore and see how far a non-coder can get with world building experiments. I’m interested in putting together some outrageous homes and magical places to hang out in as well as for demo purposes for friends and business folks I work with.

I’d love to help new people coming into HF get acclimated and act as a sort of tour guide for them showing them the most interesting and beautiful worlds and creations. Love meeting new people! I have a lot of business development experience, marketing, sales and pr. I’m exploring how that might be helpful to the growth of HF.

Outside of tech I’m passionate gardener and work with a number of organizations in the forefront of urban gardening/vertical farming and other innovators in horticulture. I like trying out new areas of the world and tend to move with my life partner every year or two to cities, towns, regions, countries I’ve never lived in before - for the sheer adventure of it. (must have great broadband!) I’m also a voracious reader who loves a nice mix of fiction and non-fiction. I devour podcasts!

My main HMD is the Oculus Rift with controllers for use in HF. Love the portability and great demos I can give with the Samsung Gear VR. Will be ordering a HTC Vive soon to add to my VR tools collections in my studio. Eager to try out full body tracking when my Vive arrives.

I like double dense rich chocolate cake - chilled.

Have a female cat named Gypsy who has been my familiar for over a decade now (and loves new houses!).



Hey im LosAngelesGraff
I came back to high fidelity thanks you my friend @TCM


Hello my name is Rick, I am always looking for new experiences, a friend “Phlash” a digital artist on “Periscope” sent a download link from his Patrion page an invitaton to watch and join him by downloading the software of this VR Group? I watched an amazing show demonstration of virtual space the (sandbox testbed) a live experience… a group of friends having a great time I was truly amazed at the open atmosphere of “HI Fidelity” software and the ease of use from the in VR tablet interface to the roving cameras and the avatars, from the beginning people were picking up tips and tricks and collaborating verbally and by body language a truly jaw dropping VR experience to watch! The creators In this area are phenomenally talented and I would like to try this as I only have a daydream controller Google pixel 2 XL and it will not currently run this software. I would very much like to join this digital space and upgrade to a stand alone VR . Thank you developers this looks amazing and to the artists and designers that I have seen onscreen personalities that have been broadcast On “Periscope” like " The Glick Show""and “The Jim Jams Show” I started watching and I can’t stop.
I work in the telecommunications in a central office environment In Boise, Idaho I am new to this form of social media and look forward to try a deep dive into this emersion experience.Oh Yeah… I have six Dachshunds and… I like PieThank you 20170127_181705|281x500Phlash for the invitation to watch this VR test demonstration.


Salutations Everyone!

My name is Hope. I discovered High Fidelity through a Periscoper I follow named, Tha PHLASH.
I am a Second Life user of almost 12 years and I am so utterly glad to be in High Fidelity! I am looking forward to being involved in this virtual creating and social community whilst sharing adventures with others that I would not have known or have been able to do otherwise.

In general, my goal is to learn skills that will contribute to the HiFi community whilst use my personal skills of helping and encouraging others to step into an experience that will have a positive affect on their virtual lives and also will ultimately be felt in their physical lives.

I am a strong believer in the capacity of the Human condition, that at its foundation hosts a craving for exploring and creating with others. As social creatures, that need to be social can often be ignored due to one’s own personal anxieties or uncertainties.
It is my hope (no pun intended), that in this expanding medium we can become united on a more in-depth and multi-meta-versed level which will give us more courage and confidence in other areas of our physical lives.

Our emotions and feelings can not tell the difference between the virtual and reality/physical; only our minds can.

What do I do for fun outside of this medium? I colour and work with papercrafts when I’m not working on a organic piece of writing or developing a short story with quirky off-shoot characters for roleplay purposes.

Mmm cake or pie… that’s a tough one!

Cakey-pie? Oh! Like a blueberry cheesecake slid in between two layers of a sponge cake… smothered in cream cheese frosting, topped with big lush strawberries dripping with glaze!

clap-clap x 5


Looking forward to great adventures with ya’ll!!



Greetings I was xstom.radek in second life my avatar was a tiny much of the time and furry steampunk.
My real life name now is William Pulver Jr.
I am 57 and did more things in my life time then others.
I loved the computer systems I got to work with over the years.
And all the other trades I got my hands on over the years.
Got to mess with 3d systems back in late 1980s.
Now I get to read posts and chat with every one again on a cell phone.
Hugs to you all.
3d printer is so fun.


Greetings to all… Similar to a few of these last posts, I just got onto the Periscope app and on the second day of checking out Periscope I come across ThaPhlash in a polar bear suit and a Hawaiian shirt.

I thought is was pure greatness and I would love to learn how to do something like he is doing. Very Very cool in my opinion.

I love many sports, gaming, music and all this life has to offer.

Pineapple Cream Pie…for sure !