The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!


My name is Georgiy. I want to tell you so much and ask too much, The whole book will turn out :slight_smile:


Hey all, Waves here! I’m new to Hi-Fi, just found out about it from the Voices of VR podcast. I thought I’d give it a spin! I hope to create spaces that evoke feelings, so stay tuned for more on that later–for now, I’m just trying to get my feet wet and learn how everything works! Feel free to say hey if you see me around!

This is my cat, Link, enjoying the sun.

As for cake or pie? I’m going to say cake. So many more options!


Hi all! My name is Anthony, I am a Art Director and designer recently relocated to Miami. I am new to High Fidelity and working with a team here in Miami. My role on our team is texture artist and 3d generalist. I know I will have a lot of questions and hope this is a good place to interact with people knowledgeable to High Fidelity.

-If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.



I’m Mold, a VR content creator who is excited about building community.
You can see my work at
I originally heard of High Fidelity from Kent Bye! (Voices of VR podcaster)

I feel like as time goes on, it gets harder and harder to describe myself. Either way, it’s nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


AECHI Here, (cause someone got “H” before me :frowning: ) So you can call me “HI” LOL!
Just joined and checked out a few rooms here. I am a unity and mobile app developer. I have built a few
large rooms for VRCHAT in unity and like the upload process which would work nice here. I have 6 HMD’s but use RIFT most of the time along with Epson moverIO glasses and microsoft hololens. My main focus is AR development. With Ready Player One releasing soon, I feel VR and AR will start getting a massive amount of coverage. I think now is a good time to build some high end scenes in different platforms.
VRChat is way to young and reminds me of snapchat for some reason. I think this platform might have a major position this year if tools are added to stream line two functions. Avatars and unity scene importer. For some reason all the locations I have visited here are super crisp and look very nice, running about 70 FPS. I will be learning the platform and build something special here.
Thanks for having me. and keep the VRChat trolls off this site.


I learned about High Fidelity from another VR community.
My name is Ambard and I am the creator of an old MMO that was know as Ambardia.
I have hopes of re-creating Ambardia in a VR community some where. Maybe it might be here.
I love sci-fi and fantasy and am eagerly awaiting the release of Ready Player One.


I’ll share your cakes and pies anyday :slight_smile:


Ahoy there Drax!!! Great to see you here.


Hello! I’m looking forward to expanding my vr experiences as well. Your blog site rules!


Hello Theanine! Wheres the arcade at in this place, lol


Just thought to add this wink here :wink: for no real reason :no_mouth:


Hi all,

My name is Maria, I’m from Spain living in my second home Dublin, Ireland. I’m a Graphic Designer with a highly interest of VR, 3D, design… I normally use Sketchup & Sketchfab to re-create venues for pitches within my company (but I’m only a beginner on 3D…) . When I was 13/14yo I discovered Second Life, which introduces me another way to communicate with people and also giving me the opportunity to be creative in a shared world. Thanks to Second Life I also gain interest in talking english so… here I am… working in Dublin as a Graphic Designer! Can’t ask for more… well yes… one thing… To learn more about VR & 3D and be able to participate and create stuff in High Fidelity.
Believe or not, after around I don’t know how many years inactive in Second Life, it came to my head few days ago and in an intent to go back again I discovered by accident that Philip Rosedale was developing High Fidelity! What?! Couldn’t be happier when I discovered this… so… here I am!

And now a lil bit of myself in terms of hobbies… I love to create characters (with Photoshop) and re-create stuff like buildings with Sketchup. Also in my spare spare spare free free free time I love to do small sculptures. (not a professional whatsoever)

Cake or pie? … Cheescake …:yum:

So exciting to see how High Fidelity develops! Can’t wait to learn… If I can be useful here just give me a shout. I know there is a lot of people already very experienced and so skilled but… who knows! :)))

Ps. This is my doggy - which is in Spain :frowning: … -

And this is my doggy in Dublin haha

Ps. Sorry if I don’t have good grammar sometimes, I’m still learning :slight_smile:



Hello to you Ambard! It’s great to see you here! :blush:



So happy to be here finally.

How you discovered High Fidelity.
I have been interested in high fidelity since it was announced a few years back.

What would you like to do with High Fidelity or VR in general, and/or what are you currently working on?
I would like to meet knew people, and explore the worlds. Also looking to design and create my own worlds.

What do you do for fun (other than VR stuff)?
Really enjoy taking walks, talking to friends and family, and reading.

Cake or pie?
On most occasions I like cake better than pie. But it is very close. I would say there are times I prefer pie over cake.


Hey guys! I am a new employee at High Fidelity (started in February) working in user experience. Before High Fidelity, I was working in haptics, serious games & virtual environments, and data administration.

I focus on game design and usability. You’ll probably see me popping up asking for feedback on items or just generally asking about use cases in High Fidelity. Looking forward to meeting you in-world!


Hi Everyone, Roxie from Seattle here.
I found my way here after years of watching from afar. I’m formerly Roxie Linden in Second Life, and since then I’ve spent time at a few AAA game studios making various titles. I’m a programmer by trade (server, some gameplay, security, networking, etc.)

When I’m not in VR, I spend my time writing (urban fantasy, sci fi, etc.), bellydancing, and tinkering.


I’m Stefano Tenca from Qbit Technologies!

I’m a technology lover and a video game aficionado. I work as Program Manager for our startup based in Palo Alto and in Venice, IT. We specialized in the development of virtual and augmented reality solutions for enterprises. Since 2014, we started experimenting and developing on High Fidelity and we have released several virtual reality environments for training, e-Commerce and collaboration. Here you can find some of our VR spaces:

Quantum City - it is the first virtual reality 3D social city, accessible online by anyone, in real time. It is a unique project which aims to create a virtual space for the business community, where brands and professionals can experiment and better understand how Virtual Reality can help their organizations, and interact with their consumers in innovative ways. We also invite the High Fidelity community to take look and meet us in Quantum City!

VR Training for University of North Dakota - a virtual reality space for multi user online training, where three users at the same time coordinate to complete a simulation process on a 3D oil rig. This VR space is intended as a learning by doing experience for students, but also a way to demonstrate the benefits of virtual reality training for universities and schools, organizations and research centres.

VR Venice - visit Venice for the first time in virtual reality! Walk virtually through the calles and reach Saint Mark’s Square. This project aims to recreate Venice in 3D with a high level of detail, by replacing all the buildings with 3D models (currently it’s still ongoing). You can admire the Basilica, the Bridge of Sighs, the Clock Tower, and the Bell Tower. Visit Venice in virtual reality and take a selfie as you would do in real life!

VR Conferencing Centre - a virtual reality environment dedicated to meetings and events, designed for one of our clients, where users can collaborate in 3D! This was our first version of the VR Collaboration product we have in mind (and we will release soon) and we integrated some features to manage this space, visible to the admin.

See you in the Metaverse!


Hiya Stefano, its nice to see you finally officially present yourself.
I hope you have been well.

Please let me welcome you to the discussions, it has always been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to collaborating with you on future projects.


Hi Adrian,
thanks for your comment! I’m also looking forward for our collaboration in future VR projects.


Hi everyone, pretty excited to be here!.

How you discovered High Fidelity.
I’m a Second Life resident since 2007 so I always keep an eye on Phillip’s projects.

What would you like to do with High Fidelity or VR in general, and/or what are you currently working on?
Been creating content in Second Life since 2007, my background is software development mostly for the web.

In High Fidelity I would like to create backend infrastructure for virtual assets so these assets could store data externally or access external services and would like to contribute to this project in any other area related to the technical aspect of the platform.

Please reach to me I’m up for interesting projects and for collaborating with this amazing platform.

What do you do for fun (other than VR stuff)?
I like to play piano, listen to music, watch movies and have interesting talks.

Cake or pie?
Why not both?