The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!


Good afternoon, I’m a business owner always trying to be involved with the newest technologies in our market space. I’ve been introduced to High Fidelity through Peter Diamandis. What I want to do with VR is provide a heath care solution without boarders and lack of finacial resources. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting… Great day


Hello Everyone,
I am Sharon, an IT and Database professional. I have horses, dogs, a garden, a sailboat and a Mighty Ninja cat that keep me busy! Glad to join a new social platform.


Best regards, I am Christian Angel avatar in the VW: ecoonis , I am a researcher, a PhD candidate and I am currently investigating the educational use of the VW, VR, AR. I am very interested in the highfidelity platform.

I currently have two research published in scientific papers related to the VW, AR VR .:

Categorizing the Educational Affordances of 3 Dimensional Immersive Digital Environments:
Limitations, challenges and opportunities for
teaching in virtual worlds:


Hello Everyone,
My name is Antonio… in RL I am a technology contractor/procurement specialist for the State of New Jersey (in the USA). My hobbies include VR, guitar, kung fu, story writing, photography, dance, sports, and cryptocurrency (not really sure if crypto should be considered a hobby but oh well).

I discovered High Fidelity through researching the various VR meta’s that exist. Most of my VR time has been spent in VRChat as well as games such as Skyrim, Arizona Sunshine, Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, and Fallout. I am a big believer in the future of VR.

I started to research different VR meta’s, because I am going to be putting together a presentation for a NYC entertainment company and talent agency on why the company should be involved in the expanding VR-social/party-space, and why the company should invest resources to become involved. My vision with them includes me being their VR coordinator to throw VR/RL cross parties, arranging celebrity VR meet and greets with fans, and setting up a “VR Base” for them to showcase the brands and talent they represent. High Fidelity seems tailor made for this type of pursuit!

I am hopeful that, after making my presentation, this company (who I do not wish to name at the moment) will welcome me into their ranks to begin these operations and expanding their influence into the VR space.

And one final note – regardless of if they buy in to my pitch, I will be exploring the High Fidelity metaverse and look forward to meeting new friends and discovering new opportunities! Thank you, kind regards,


Hello I’m the newest member of the crew, I’m an IT Programmer by profession in an online store that offers booster bath for dogs (which is an innovative bath tub for dogs whom owners will have an easy time washing their dogs).please welcome me. :wink:


@Storm5had0w and @khoujiwelz, and everyone above,

Welcome to our rag tag community


Yes, a ragtag fugitive fleet of ships heading slowly for a mythical lost planet named Earth…

Oh, wait, that was Battlestar Galactica. :smiley:

Yeah, we’re a delightfully goofy group sometimes. Always room for one more.


Hey everyone!

I’ve been an employee at High Fidelity since October 2017 but have yet to introduce myself. I am a Software Engineer working on the Tools team which includes the Create tools as well as scripting APIs. You may see me pop up here for API-related changes or concerns. Among other things I am also responsible for the work surrounding the edit manipulation handles so feel free to send any feedback my way about those.

Before High Fidelity, I was working as an engineer in the video game industry for 9 years where I worked on gameplay systems, UI, and some networking for a few AAA console titles you may have heard of. Then I decided for a change and to take the leap to the exciting world of VR, discovered High Fidelity, and have never looked back. If you have any questions for someone with non-mobile game experience I am all ears.


Hey everyone this is luvlee17, unity developer and vr enthusiast. Happy to be here.


Hi Everyone!

My name is Aaron, username: BigHappyTrees, I’m a web developer living in Boston.

I discovered High Fidelity yesterday at the Boston VR meetup, and I was blown away by Caitlyn’s presentation!

The cross-section of VR and Blockchain is massively interesting to me, and I look forward to becoming a part of the community.

I look forward to meeting and interacting with you! All the Best!


Hi, I am someone atypical who is an accountant (tax accountant) but I also learned the basics of web programming and I think I have solid basis in 3D modeling and texturing (3ds max, substance painter, photoshop etc).
I am definitely a VR enthusiast. I have been passionate about virtual worlds since I used Second Life in 2007 where we had the opportunity to make our avatar look like us or look like the image we have of us. But I lost interest in this platform after a few years.
I like the concept and the philosophy behind High Fidelity with the possibility to create and host our own vast world that we model according to our desires as well as the possibility to securely sell our creations with blockchains.
I hope that High Fildelity will be able to build a platform that corresponds to the dream I have of a virtual world in which we can be what we want and create the world we want.
If you meet me online, please speak slowly, I do not usually talk with English speakers.


Space engineer, search and rescue volunteer.

Hoping High Fidelity will become something other than the endless series of malls other experiments like Second Life devolved into.


Welcome Stargazer!.

I wouldn’t rant too much about Second Life considering that now everyone is trying to copy it :D. I consider HiFi the logical next step to what Second Life was.

SL was pretty ahead of its time when it launched, of course there were mistakes along the way, some bad decisions taken, but it is not an endless series of malls.

I’m doing a sim by sim exploration of SL for the purpose having a photographic archive of this vast metaverse and I love it a bit more everytime I go out exploring:


A lot of people hope to be what Second Life’s promise was in the mid 2000’s. But unfortunately in many ways it was before its time, as many people lacked the internet connection or computers to reliably and portable access it. (An international non-profit I lead held our meetings for a few years in Second Life, but it eventually became too much of a hassle for people to find internet connections or computers that could handle it, where as just dialing in to a conference call number or WebEx is trivial)

As for if things will take off this time around… We’ll see.

I have some ideas of educational projects I’d like to implement, trying to figure out if HF or Sansar would be the better platform, hence my account here.


Some things I think you should know about me. thou I realize that few will actually read it so this post is mute.

I’m a linguistics savant(autistic). I got interested in languages to help me communicate. But you what to know what the primary use of language(English atlest) isn’t about communicating ideas, to borrow an expression from J.K Rowling. You just point and grunt. You just mention something like the idea(not the idea it self) and inflect.

I said what I meant,it’s not my fault you didn’t hear what I meant.

What I meant to say is that is A valid parsing of what I said. Shouldn’t that be enough. It seams unfair to put the burden of hearing the correct meaning on me sense I’m not the one doing it.

But I know life isn’t fair.

I keep asking people to ignore how I’m saying it and instead to listen to what I’m actually saying, people refuse to take me literally and people think I’m trolling and if I insist they take that as proof that I’m trolling.

But that isn’t the only reason why Studying English is useless for communication. Now when I hear something I consider all thee possible parsings of what they said. But people don’t say what they mean. I know they say “The non-verbal component was made up of body language (55 percent) and tone of voice (38 percent).” But there estimation is off for causal conversations it’s 99.9999999% Non-verbal. I wish someone had let me know that before I wasted my time on learning what the words meant. Hyperlexia my ass.

In case you missed it I’m an expert at the formalities of language use. As an autistic is should be obvious that I’m totally inept at the social subtleties of language use.

Yes I know my text often has errors(spelling, typing and missing words) in it I suffer from(thou ‘though’ would be more accurate it’s not the phrase :frowning: ) Tachyphemia, I can still be knowledgeable about linguistics.

And I know the Tachyphemia only formally only refers to speech. but it is caused by thinking faster then your body can keep up.(see Some Problems of Cluttering by Langová J. · Morávek M. ) My problem is I only get to the word level then move on. the final step of translating it into phonemes or letters is skipped.

I’m good at using Languages in the ways that they are formally defined.

I speak literally all the time not that I only speak only literally. Words can have more than one meaning, haven’t you heard of a pun. As I said I heard it, I didn’t say a heard it correctly. And Metaphors can be point to the exact means they the speaker intends, which is what I meant by they are sloppy, which is what I meant by not literal. e.g. If a meant"she moved with feline grace" I don’t say. “She moved like a dog.” I my meaning are inhumanly precise at their target, whether that be just to give a formal definition or to a poetic use of the word along side it.

"Savants are people who have extraordinary capabilities not found in neurotypical people."André Müller

People mostly talk not to say what their words mean but solely so that they have something to inflect. As such the specific meaning are unimportant, they can get by by getting in the general area of what they mean.

NT are not CAPABLE of saying literally what they mean practically all the time. They of unable to put their ideas into words and they are don’t instinctively consider all the possible meanings of a sentence.

NT aren’t just using Metaphors, they are just being sloppy. e.g. If a meant they say thing like “She moved like a dog.” when they mean “she moved with feline grace.”

By metaphor I meant “a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else, especially something abstract.” Obviously they are use using “a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.” Which is what I believe is what the AGs meant by barbarian.


Hi there!

I’ve found High Fidelity via a friend on Discord. I saw them playing something called “High Fidelity” so I asked them what it was. Ever since then I’ve been intrigued by the limitless possibilities of HiFi and immediately began exploring everything.

Fun is an interesting topic, quite varied amongst​ people, but fun for me would definitely be either playing video games or programming, in the world of reality I’m quite antisocial but in the virtual world, I’m the complete opposite.

Pie is definitely better choice, especially pumpkin pie.



Hi, I’m Eleanor, a fifty-nine year-old housewife and mother. I am a retired dispatcher/router for the dreaded cable company. I started out doing 15 years of intensive ‘customer support’ at a huge call center and have a talent for communicating with others with warmth, empathy and enthusiasm. I’ve grown old with the emergence and growth of virtual worlds, having seen it through SIMS, Second Life’s first beta steps, Sansar and High Fidelity; a journey of more years than I care to count. Having an artistic nature but needing to work to raise a family, I found these worlds were a valuable outlet for my creativity during my downtime from ‘breadwinner’ and ‘mom’. I got myself an Oculus for Christmas, last year. This year I am taking classes in Blender from a fantastic instructor in Second Life (shout out to Graham Dartmouth and his group BlenderBenders) and next week I will be loading my very first asset into a virtual world! (a modest body pillow with tassels) Learning how to use apps like GIMP and Blender keep my mind sharp. I am a little proud of myself to be learning how to create 3d assets in Blender at my age. Maybe, after 20+ years, I will finally tackle scripting? Baby steps.


Bienvenida a esta vida en realidad virtual. Nos vemos en “world”. Saludos, Carlos


Hi all.
I am Lean. I love cinema and EOS. The EOS part is how I´ve bump into High Fidelity.
I have tested VR with the samsung oculus app and I love it.
I want to learn more about this awesome technology and this amazing community.
See you!


Innjoy Thursday!