Theme for a world


Theme for a world

Does High Fidelity need a theme, for the initial phase?

Maybe we should chat about that brainstorm ideas so if we
want to build things to furnish the world with we kinda can use something as a reference
point for colour and design.

As always I was thinking about this.

If were building in mesh we can all build pretty much
anything and colour it any way. Realistic or cartoony

Over the weekend I built a little space platform thing which
is floating around in the sandbox. That’s based on Duck Dodgers in the 24½th

I know @loki loves his Steam punk if you ever visited Babbage
in Second life then you can see the power of a unifying theme.

Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Fritz land metropolis,

Good idea bad idea discuss…


im not all steampunk hehe, once i fulfil my avatar dreams in HyFy i hope to build my own stacked Campers like in ready player one filled with 80’s stuff. Personally though i currently find it hard to anchor any scale or boundaries of the world. It feels like the infinity room from hitch bickers guide to the galaxy where they build planets.


Slartibartfast :smiley: .I just think if someone could point to a picture and say that kinda thing. then Id have a direction to follow.


i wonder if you could create an avatar with two heads Faceshifted to two different people


I’m personally here for the voxels.

Building with them in more detail will tell us more about what they need. When I first logged in (on the mac build), I made a cube, then cut a crude doorway, then further refined it into an archway. Since I started using the PC build, I have not been able to see anything I’ve build with sufficient detail to edit it.

I feel very lucky to have a plot assigned to me to build whatever I want on “The Strip”, however my creativity there has ground to a halt for the following reasons.

  1. I can’t see what I’m doing, even after adjusting the LOD tools
  2. I can’t see what others are doing.
  3. While laying down voxels, there is long delay after cutting a larger voxel.
  4. After deleting a voxels it can “spring back” and need to be deleted several times.
  5. I don’t have a way to select my creation and save it. Though if there is a script that is supposed to do that, I’ve not been able to get it to work.
  6. There is no permission rules and I can easily step on someone else’s work or have someone step on mine.

Due to these factors, I’ve only continued making things with scripts where I don’t have to see them as I create them, and can re-create them if they get erased.

More than a general theme, I think we need weekly themed group builds in sandbox so that we can see these tools being used in a group.


That is really good idea. There’s other talk around the forum of having an Alphas alpha meeting more on European time. perhaps the things can be combined.


ok imma throw up some themes to colour the place up a bit.

my lava lamp was invaded by ufo’s

my magical unicorn sneezed and this is what I found


So here’s my build on this… I think what we lack in world at the moment is a real sense of community. hf can seema lonely, empty and intimidating place attimes. Perhaps what we need is a central hang out - so what about we make a site for a themed build (change weekly?) and then that becomes the place to hang out and chat and discuss whats going on? Thoughts welcome… :slight_smile:


That should be the place u appear when u type in sandbox, cos that’s where everyone arrives.and the sandbox is there to be destroyed*

*as alphas were here to discover what breaks it so it can be fixed.


I think we need to come up with some “Events”. Something silly and collaborative, in the sandbox to be safe.
How about a temporary group build with a theme?

Maybe a week-long tribute to Susan Kare?


Googles her, likes the plan :slight_smile:


well, lets do it then :smile: