This is just not working - we need minimal region and direct to online user text chat back


Best to try them and find out why.


I just added some domain chat to craxim. You can switch back and forth between global chat and domain. Also it works in any domain whether they have their own chat or not.

I am going to add some channel 0 message mixer messaging as well (probably tomorrow) so it can talk to other messengers/chat scripts but for now it will chat with others who are using CraxIM.

You can get it here


… but isn’t having to try to find out itself a barrier to entry?

I don’t know why people aren’t using the scripts. But that they don’t seem to be is a curious red flag – to me indicating some of the assumptions surrounding text chat may need to be revisited.


I believe the reason why so little text chat is used here in HF is that all of the previous (have not tried craxim yet), chat scripts are not that easy to use. But by far, because voice chat in HF is so good, there is little incentive to switch back to text chat as the primary means of communication. Voice chat in HF is excellent. It is far better than the voice chat in all the SL-style grids.

I suspect text chat in HF will be a secondary channel of communication. It’s the kind of thing that people will use when they are talking to each other and someone wants to paste a URL or some other link.


The problem is that a user cannot assume the other person has the same chat interface/tool and you first have to agree that, find, remember or share the current script URL, install it as a script from the URL and then use it. Chicken and egg.

A minimal solution would be to make sure that the Interface “Tools” -> “Chat” link went to a single chat method that supported presence, chat, on and off ine IM… Replacing or integrating properly with the current small presence tool in the bottom left which of course will not scale.

But I tried the Interface “Tools” -> “Chat” link and the web chat link there fails with “This page can’t be displayed”


I believe this is what most of us are talking about here, having a convention for a common built-in in-domain chat method. The goal then is to have that be a default script that is auto-loaded. Such a script needs to work well in non-HMD mode and HMD mode. Also, the script is something that should be easy to set aside if a virtual world developer wishes to use something totally different.

Creating a channel ‘0’ message port convention for in-domain chat is a good step.

A somewhat different case could be made for not implementing store-and-forward chat (aka instant message, cross-domain chat). Here, there are issues of presence detection, encrypting the coms, holding the chat in some server for an unspecified time, etc. I could see many variants of that one.


Forget chat in hmd mode, would have to be so big to read and then we would have to learn to touch type, total waste of effort when voice works so well. Would be like trying to re introduce Morse code.


There need to be a basic chat system, how else you can explain the miocrophone is start and pre-heating. Yes i keep it off to save energy. Another reason why HMD is problem. afraid the microphone cannot be disconnected and rewired to the correct hardware.

And the other valid point is already sayed, try to past URL.


Speech to text would be a cool thing to have for this.


I tested craxim with DK1 and its a bit hard to read but not impossible (the text would have to be HUGE to be able to read easily with DK1). I am sure it’s legible with DK2 ( I don’t have a DK2 so I couldn’t test it). It is pretty cool being able to move the windows around and have them autohide with HMD too. CraxIM was made to be a HMD solution to chatting and instant messaging. I was thinking about doing a virtual keyboard setup for it in HMD mode eventually.


I have a DK2 and will try out craxim with it. Also, the production Oculus is 4x the resolution, so in time these issues of huge text go away. Even GearVR has decent resolution. On the input device, given some decent natural input devices, Something like air-gestures ala Swift or Swype would do it for HMD mode.

For now though, just getting keyboard based in-domain chat working, where everyone within some set maximum distance sees the chat, would be a great feature. To be able to type “one sec, getting headphones on” or “URL is” would be wonderful.


Thinks the chat scrolling across the bottom of the screen like a ticker might be nice in a hmd


Yeah I would like to see some hyperlink support in text overlays. Color codes for text and some word wrap would be good additions too.


@Judas My chat works in both desktop and HMD mode if you want to try out a chat in HMD mode … chat window displays anchored to your avatar and off to the right a bit.


I get that text chat has its uses. sharing urls and some people use it at the meetings and get completely ignored.
It just seems like most of the time making it functional for people wearing a headset is over complicating a solved problem.
Incoming sweeping statement coming up.
Are you telling me the people who don’t voice cant speak? or just wont speak. Do they speak at home?


It’s hard to get a word in edge-wise at those meetings.


Or you get unlucky and Darth Vader is near you… breathe in… breathe out… breathe in…


Even typing would be a challenge as laggy as they get for me. That’s why I stopped going to them.


Uhh people chat. wich chat system. the newest one never worked for me. and the other one si think i stopped. Just because it need to be a default script and not some offending window that is always in there way. Voice is not the way to. it breaks lot’s of experiences. and voice changer are let’s say crap.


It’s because websockets in HiFi are broke. A lot of things are broken. Maybe someday we can get some fixes instead of pianos and snowball fights.