This is what i made and worked on for the last weeks


Ok, pretty finished for now. no collision hiull and the black is in blender grey. some small things i need to fix later. It’s now waiting for inworld editable terrain.

But this is what i worked on for the last weeks, now a bit done. Time for something else for while. Think it’s still pretty low poly too.

A nice dutch style bus from before the year 2000. Well, close to it, i changed a few bits.

Yes the roads are to small, but i never did have the right scale. now i have.
But roads is something todo when we have terrain !

Time to take a look in some other high fidelity things.


I hate to say this but, I think you are going nowhere with that bus.
But then again, maybe it is the answer to everything.


Yup. We still waiting for editable inworld terrain. Until then. it’s sitting on my hdd.