This week on VR foot controllers


Yes, walk along virtually


@AlphaVersionD. @thoys
Why don’t you do something like this?


Its like an advanced version of the RollnRocker


Funny. I just emailed those guys yesterday.

“hey I ordered one of these on June 18th, are you going to send it or should I ask for a refund?”

Still isn’t here.


Thats not fixing my problem that i cannot push the balloon with my feet. also still cannot kick the ballon up into the sky afain with my hand. Need some extra entity for that.

Ant the htc vive gives you still more freedom.


If you are looking to include your avatar’s feet into the list of limbs that you can control, you will need VR ankle bracelets. There are VR body suits but they are massively uncomfortable. I used one in the last VR hype wave.

Here’s a recent version:


Tried that at GDC. It was kinda fun but so alien that it made for a distracting experience. Perhaps if I had logged enough time on it, to the point where it felt second nature, it would be better. It felt a bit like driving a manual transmission car for the first time. Also played around with the Stinkyboard… which was slightly awkward