Tilt brush: how to and initial tests



i did some quick tests last week to see what exporting from tilt brush was like, thought i’d share.

here’s the wiki i followed to get set up to export. https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/wiki/tiltbrush

most of the brushes don’t come in the way they look in tilt brush, so i made a test with each of them. you can import this model to see what they look like. i think we’re at parity with unity/unreal on this at the moment, the more complex brushes haven’t been addressed anywhere i’ve found yet.


the native tilt brush export is in json, which is interesting. i’m looking forward to having brush support improve, but the hand-drawn feel for stuff is pretty excellent even with only the couple of flat brushes that tend to work right now.

next i’ll be creating some small assets in tilt brush and giving them collision hulls and seeing what that feels like. oh, and hacking in a human model / tracing someone so that i can rig a hand-drawn avatar :slight_smile: