Timeframe for option to scale font size?



What is the timeframe when UI foint scaling is added and other font get improved changed. Especially QT log font ?

Right now i need to slow down, because it’s just to much stress on the eyes to work with. Magnifier not always help. lower screen resolution is not a solution. and override DPI on application level make things to big that ithings like the tablet just fit on the screen. Because widnows is set to 150% dpi and Hifi need something like 120dpi i think for me. Still soem fonts are default very small already. other a bit blurry.


Come on… 302… sigh.

Maybe we can ask here if someone else than you have an issue with the font size… is it the case? One that would be a severity 1 or 2 issue?


Which log window would you want the font resized on? I’ll write a worklist job to create an option for font size in that window.


There more log windows ?
I only use the main log window.
Like to say that the log text font is having a strange blur. Not sharp.

Script console i never used. Because the same reason font size.


Add. I just clicked by accident on delete bookmark. But that’s extreme tiny to. there 1-3 font’s that are very tiny.


The setting panels are small to as example this one. I just checked it with 1920x1080. but keeps tiny. It looks like it’s one font type ?

This one looks mabye a bit blurred. Because this where on lower resolution. It did not made the font bigger.

This one is on normal 1920x1080 resolution.

I need to check how it looks in VR. but afraid that’s still small.


@philip I checked the settings -> general in VR. but the font is tint anbd have some blur in my vive to. Only thing in VR is that you can move the tablet closer to your face. Something that fails in desktop mode :grin:

ADD: Why are the fonts at most places so blurred ?
Not only in desktop mode but also in VR.


As a comparison, Audio Settings dialog in desktop mode on a Windows PC with a 1920 x 1080 display running at 1920 x 1080 …

Perhaps the way to get to the bottom of Richardus’s font size issues is for a developer to reproduce the display environment. For example, a 4k screen(?) with Windows configured to treat it as a 1920 x 1080 (?) pixel monitor and use 150% (?) font scaling. And resolve with http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/highdpi.html .

Aside: Interesting how the “Show audio level meter” doesn’t fit in the dialog.


Ok. checked audio again. It’s interesting that there’s not uniformity in the interface and font types. The audio settings panel looks much better then the general settings where things are different. Then you have audio (button) and audio desktop. same window, but different size. Nitcie how things not fit in the desktop window.

The font and color used in audio settings is alreadt improvement.
It does not solve the problem in the QT log window.

I have a 2K screen, running at 1920x1080. with taskbar vertical at the left side. DPI is custom set to 140%


Now we anyway have a topic.
I looked a few times at the DOCS page API section.
Am not gewtting friends with the website.

For me this is hard to read.

When i do a font override in my webbrowser, sadly it’s for all webpages then. Not found option to set it for every website separate. Then it looks like this. and that’s really so much better readable. Just say it’s readable.

The font is not a fuzzy blur type. It’s just sharp.
The blue text is more easy to read. I think the used font is not one that is really good compatible with windows.

This is the setting i now use.

Now i need to see if i can use this setting on the internet,
But afraid it gives new problems. It’s a bit the same problem as with the high fidelity interface. some font’s are a good choice and others are not compatible.

Mabye need to adjust minimum font siuze now in my webbrowser.


So glad somebody has brought this up. Reading the tiny fonts is still a problem in July 2018, so I suppose this is not in the developers’ priority list. The baby boomers are ageing, though! And the x-generation cohort are on their way too :wink:


Agree choosing the font size of interface should be not so difficult. Alternatively, why not do like edit.js was doing, fonts are much more clear…