Tired of compiling your Linux HiFi server every release? Docker!


Ok so I discovered every release of the hifi server is compiled as a linux docker file. Seems like this wasn’t really advertised much because I kind of just stumbled into it.

Install instructions (if you don’t already have docker)

Anyway once you have docker installed in your system it’s pretty easy to get hifi running.

docker run -d -p 40100-40110:40100-40110 -p 8000-8010:8000-8010 --name hifi1 highfidelity/hifi

And that’s it! Really simple. Thanks to whoever has been keeping these docker files updated! It is super appreciated!

Edit: Ok, they really aren’t updated. The latest docker build is 7192… Current release is 7297
Good enough for dev work anyway.


Just bumping and necroing this thread because I started using Docker containers recently

One thing I suggest doing when using the docker containers is the following:

first create a volume

 docker volume create "hifiVol" 

This creates a docker volume.

This makes sure that when the container is recreated, the data is still somewhere to be found, including domain settings and domain entities, so that persistance is constant

You can then bind it to the container when

 docker run -d -p 40100:40100 -p 40102:40102/udp -mount source=hifiVol,target="/root/.local/share/High Fidelity" --name hifi highfidelity/hifi:0.69.0


this is very interesting and thanks for providing this help.
One question however: how can I run two (or three or four) domains on different docker instances?
How should I define the mapping between 40100 and 8000?
I already asked a similar question around one year ago but hadn’t any intelligible (to me) answers: “can I run multiple instances of hifi” on one server? Docker should make it even simpler…

Previously @Menithal (you) already answered me a quite long answer but I didn’t understand how to manage it or to whom asking furtherly.: More than one domains on the same server, is it possible?

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