To many sounds in short time blocks entity sound play and make interface slow!


If you make a script error and playing top many sounds, things go pretty bad here with 5029. If i see this error.

[06/17 00:28:42] [DEBUG] AudioInjectorManager::threadInjector could not thread AudioInjector - at max of 40 current audio injectors.

Am in big trouble,

  • Teleporting get slow, by placename typing
  • Sound playback stops working on my domain.
  • It looks like my vps start to do weird things and lock me out of remote desktop. not complete sure, but it’s second time things go weird rigth after i generated that error.
  • Scripts seems to stop responding correct.
  • Make a post on forum slow.

Also this appears in the log.

[06/17 00:33:09] [WARNING] udt::SendQueue wanted to sleep for 4785700 microseconds
[06/17 00:33:09] [WARNING] Capping sleep to 2000000
[06/17 00:33:09] [WARNING] PSP: 10875728 NPD: 5437864 NPT: 40817611390512 NOW: 40812825689856
[06/17 00:33:09] [DEBUG] Logging activity “sendqueue-sleep”
[06/17 00:33:11] [WARNING] udt::SendQueue wanted to sleep for 10875728 microseconds
[06/17 00:33:11] [WARNING] Capping sleep to 2000000
[06/17 00:33:11] [WARNING] PSP: 10875728 NPD: 10875728 NPT: 40825701450368 NOW: 40814825722368
[06/17 00:33:11] [DEBUG] Logging activity “sendqueue-sleep”
[06/17 00:33:22] [WARNING] udt::SendQueue wanted to sleep for 2050075 microseconds
[06/17 00:33:22] [WARNING] Capping sleep to 2000000
[06/17 00:33:22] [WARNING] PSP: 1025235 NPD: 2050470 NPT: 40827647664104 NOW: 40825597588736
[06/17 00:33:22] [DEBUG] Logging activity “sendqueue-sleep”
[06/17 00:33:29] [DEBUG] script:print()<< Error: Request for users status timed out
[06/17 00:33:29] [DEBUG] script:print()<< Error: Request for users status returned 0

It looks like high fidelity 5029 is in some cases flooding my nnection i think.
After a while not using high fidelity after thing got jammed. it works more normal again. with sounds. SO there’s somethig really bad going on.


Done extra test on sandbox, and it did not happen there. :confused: