To me Voxels seem ugly, will HF allow them to "smooth"?


I don’t understand the attraction of making stuff out of big Voxels. Right now, to me, HF looks like lego-land, though I’m not sure if that makes me uncool and out-of-touch, or the kid saying “the king has no clothes”.

I do understand the concept of LOD, and therefore the value of translating details into polygons of color as they become more distant.

I guess there’s also an ease of building with voxels, and I like idea that creativity has no hurdle for entry.

But… I think a virtual world should help people make things with natural beauty - Is there a technology that will turn blocky voxels into curves?


no u!

Your sat looking at a screen displaying only coloured squares and theirs no straight edges to be seen other than on the things with straight edges. That’s the future of voxels. Voxel comes from the latin to vox or put simply volumetric pig tail.
the coiled tails link together incremental expanding into limitless high fidelic constructions where pigs of increasing volumetric heft bloat and discolour into one of the 24 colours the human brain is able to comprehend. I hope that’s cleared things up for you.


Judas, I finally get it! That was the most elegant…eloquent?..description of voxels since I started using them two days ago. An epiphany has definitely occurred! At the speed we are progressing, it won’t take long for those voxels to turn into a 3D retina world.


I know Everquest Next is doing an editable voxel-based world which allows the player to smooth them out. Pretty interesting. Here is some video demonstrating it:


good video, loved the idea of adding to a build and selling it for money and the original creator getting a cut for his parts.


Yeah I am in Landmark too and its an awesome game, the plot system is interesting where you use mined copper to keep your land but other than that it is a special place showing what you can do with voxels quite well. I would love to see more of this like smoothing in HF.


Regarding EQN, I want to add that they’ve been careful to document the “tricks” (void voxels, micro voxels) that users came up with so as to keep them in mind in future builds. Either preserving them in the future or deprecating them elegantly.

I do like what can be done with advanced voxel tools and engines and hope that HF will be going this direction.

I also see people starting to build houses out of mesh, so I’m a bit confused as to what purpose the voxels serve. In their current state, they are ugly. I know the focus is loading time and low latency, but even with messing with the LOD tools I never really “see” most of the voxels around me.

This early into Alpha, I don’t expect a finished product, but I would like to know if there is a blueprint or plan in place for how voxels will evolve in HF.

I’ve built a few tiny things in voxels, and without a way to select them visually to pick them back up, no form of permission on building, and simple destruction coming from anything, it doesn’t feel worth building anything that isn’t built via script. Which is too bad because I don’t think you should have to script something just to be able to build and be creative.

These big, sherbet-colored voxels are interesting, but smaller and smaller voxels will need more tools to work with.

@chris, the cherry tree you posted here:
Was that mesh? Because I’d love know if that’s the detail voxels could reach in HF, if not now, in the future.


Here’s a video back from 2012 on what one particular SVO (Sparse Voxel Octree) engine.
There’s some good info here about challenges and advantages with voxels.