Tone Question can hifi


Can hifi make sounds, like tones , not like playing back a wav, like a synth kinda thing?


There’s nothing like that implemented at the moment.
What are you thinking of, some kind of JS function like playNotes(notes) ?


I was chatting to @KevinMThomas b4 , he was showing his guitar script , made me think i want a hydra theremin :slight_smile:


It keeps a special instrument for me. Always sound good.


No, more like playSample(sample_name, frequency, AttackSustainDecay_array);

That would make for a fine additive synth with the sounds injected into the audio stream.


More Theremin music


I think so yes. I’m not a coder but old synths use to to sine waves and saw tooth waves and maybe square ones .
My zx spectrum computer let me make all sorts of cool game sounds.
If the facility was in the code, our imagination could run wild with how to use it

I’m imagining sounds being manipulated but the user as they traverse the environment to those 80’s Jean Michelle jarre light synths. and yes a theramin :smile: