Tool chain for terrain creation


What tools (tool chains) have been used for terrain creation? I used L3DT when I was doing opensim terrains. What format do the terrain file(s) for hifi need to be in?


i think png.s and jpegs work, its a image with a depth map where white is high and black is low


Any info about how to go from a height map image file to an in-world terrain? I have a number of the terrains I did for opens and I would just use one of those.


You can use L3DT in high fidelity and export it as RAW. only problem i still have, i cannot edit that terrain inworld. Not sure if @chris have looked at the latest heightfield map i have send. I use L3DT for creating almost all the terrains you can see in the picture section. Only dont go to high in resolution, high fidelity dont like that.

To import the heightfield map you use the metavoxedl editor and choice import heightfield map. @chris explained it on one of the meetings to. and there is maby some video on the forum i cannot find. :open_mouth: