Tools > User Scripts menu?


I’ve started pulling links to community script utilities together into a sub menu under Tools:

EDIT: Here’s an initial Client script to try out:


That’s a nice idea. Would be handy to be able to find them without ferretting about in the forums and market place etc.



  • The “(localStorage)” submenu is an experimental feature where you can add your own custom menu items.
  • Was planning to add a “(domain)” submenu feature too – where Domain owners could arrange to have a submenu populated just by adding a simple JSON file to their ATP servers. But have to wait on two fixes to continue down that path:
  • #8814 VrMenu issue (right now dynamically changing menu items leaves lots of phantom entries/duplicates on the VrMenu popup)
  • #8177 Assets.downloadData support for path mappings (so that the domain submenu could be fetched using a common/neutral naming convention like atp:/domain.submenu.json)