Total motion capture in a large room


What technologies can permit capturing all motions of a few people in a large room and transfer it to their avatars in a HF replica of the room? I am especially interested in compact implementations (say, a box that does everything needed).

How about capturing the motion of objects (say, A moves a chair and avatar-A moves the virtual chair)?


@giulio - this is something I’m very interested in, but a full room motion capture setup can be very expensive and / or very time consuming to initialse and calibrate. I’d personally love to see an optitrack system hooked up to hifi at some point, but we’re probably a long way off that, at least for now.

At the other end of the spectrum, there’s the possibility of using cheaper depth cameras to pick out user and object locations, but within a smaller area and without trying to do any accurate motion capture. This scenario may well become possible as more of the currently available camera’s APIs are exposed in hifi.

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Dave is right, the system I want to use is $80K, however, that is not accessible to most users. Depending on the application, you might just be better off giving the next-gen of PrioVR a try.