Transitioning Avatar Attachments to Avatar Entities


Hello High Fidelity Community,

We are deprecating the avatar attachments. In doing so, we’re making the following changes

  • The same functionality available to attachments will now be handled with avatar entities - this functionality will be integrated into the avatar app
  • The “Attachments” dialog is in the interface is going away. That functionality is now in the Avatar App
  • The attachments api on MyAvatar is still supported, but creates and queries avatar-entities rather than attachments

Our goal is to make avatar entities as easy to work with as the old attachments were.

Avatar entities will support all of the behaviors that were supported by avatar attachments. Additionally:

  • Avatar Entities can also be with you, but not actually attached to a joint.
  • Avatar Entities can have scripts on them.
  • Avatar Entities can themselves have child entities, and therefore do things like material swaps.
  • Avatar Entities can be primitives other than meshes.
  • Avatar Entities can be physical in nature, get collision events, etc.

This functionality is scheduled to be released as part of RC 72 in late August. But if you’d like to try it early you can download the PR here.

Happy for your feedback!


so soft attachments will still work and existing avatars wont all be broken like last time?
is the ui going to be made more consistent and functional