Transparent web-entities


Does anyone know if its possible to make a web-entity transparent from one side, but not from the other? That would be a cool feature for lecturers if you have the speaker notes in fron of you.


You could use WebOverlays instead of Web Entities. This way, the web view is only visible in world for the one that created them


Ah. Do those work just like web-entities? Never heard of WebOverlays.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Overlays are basically something that are only visible for your own client, you can unfortunately only create them using scripts as there is no tool, like the edit to create them.


Ah, tried it and it works perfectly. The terminology is slightly different, but otherwise no big difference. Very good for that purpose.

Still having problems with the user agent, though. Web entities and overlays both believe they are mobile units.


The user agent for High Fidelity is “High Fidelity Agent” they dont have the same as in Chrome or similar IIRC. So some sites may recognize the browser used, but its a very outdated method.


Yes, Its not a good method. Unfortunately uses it. I checked the user agent with my own server and it was:

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux, Android 6.0; Nexus 5 Build/MRA58N) Apple Web Kit /537.36 (KHTML, likeGecko) Chrome/56.0292487 Mobile Safari/537.36

Guess the “mobile” part is the culprit. When I access on Chrome with desktop version on my mobile it shows a better version. Can’t use the handcontrollers on the mobile version of the speaker notes, that’s the main problem.