Traveling to Domain Bug


every time i try to go to a domain besides one made by high fidelity i am getting a notice that says something like this domain isnt working or something like this and i have to teleport back to the avatar island. i have made multiple reports and complaints to more then a hand full of helpers. no one has seems to have any idea how to help me. this has got to the point i didnt even wanna play.

i decided the only thing i could do is to make a forum post in hopes some one can help me trouble shoot the problem.


Are you seeing the word ‘protocol’ or ‘version mismatch’ anywhere in the error message pop-up window?


Hi Graff - I’ve had a lot of connection issues the last week - (I got a new cable modem from Comcast) getting into domains and being able to stay there. Stephen Birarda from HiFi - has been helping me with this and has been very attentive and patient. His email is: - he even set up up a private domain for me to test out my issues so he can track what HiFi is sending and what I’m not receiving (or something like that) - I’d call that fantastic tech support. Thank you Stephen!


alpha no i am not seeing that ill go into day to see what it says


ok so i went in and i tryed to tp to another domain and it just left me there floating and i kept hearing the loading sounds. tablet pop up this time. and again i could only get into hi fi domains.


Do you have any devices like Google homes or chromecast’s or echo devices on your network? There has been some issue with the dash protocol flooding router’s with excessive messages.


i have no extra devices just tower and monitor.
i have not changed anything on my pc. i been playing with the same set up i have always used sense i joined hifi