Tree Decorating Contest


Calling all avatars who love to overdo it on the tinsel. Light your menorah, grab your brightest star, and cue up the Mariah Carey…everyone is invited to participate in a tree decorating competition in VR!

Join us in TheSpot Wednesday, December 19th at 3pm PST for this cheerful social gathering where the best holiday designer walks away with $50 (5,000 HFC.) Use ANYTHING from the Marketplace to win the contest, but you only have 15 minutes to create it.

Register Today: Work alone or create a team. If you work better with others, every person in the winning group will walk away with 5,000 HFC - up to 5 members.

At the end of the 15 minutes, the community will be given 24 hours to review the entries, and then using the Vote app, vote for their favorite.

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Could I use a customized Holiday Blaster for this or would I have to put this on the marketplace first? :purple_heart::christmas_tree::gun::sunglasses:


I would say to keep everything fair, submit it to the marketplace.


I totally understand this, although - during this holiday season marathon - I will probably lack the time for this kind of preparation.

I found some great items to put on the tree on the marketplace anyhow :purple_heart::hammer_and_wrench::sunglasses:

…which come with two questions yet again:

1. Will we have edit rights?
I.e. to make the desired entities non-dynamic so that we can put them up the tree…

2. How about the lifetime of the Holiday Blaster’s objects?
ATM the default lifetime is 900 seconds which would make all my blasted decoration vanish after the 15 minutes contest time, thus leaving an empty tree for community review :thinking:


For the contestants who sign up, we will give them rez rights. They will need to be logged into their accounts. We will also create a filter so that decorations stay long enough for people to see them.


One last question:

Does each team member have to register individually, or is it enough if one user fills out the registration for their whole team (like I just did)? :purple_heart::christmas_tree::sunglasses:


Nope you’re all set!

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