Tri Tri and Tri again Howmany triangles is too many?


What is the maximum triangle count for a domain?

I have been building a new domain and been entirely focused on getting the file sizes down
I have gone from 1.8 gig down to around 400mb’s
However getting happy with the tree planting took my tri count upto around 12 million and then the lod thing would start to kick in.
I’m running hifi min spec pc lol


This is why we need more avilities to set LODs for models :D. 32 km cubes is a looot of space to fill


Was it golden-eye on the n64 that hid the distance in fog, a settable draw distance may be of use.
Understanding the limits of the engine is important.


Fog would be nice too.

But yeah. It seems to take quite alot polygons: @AlphaVersionD s boat shows up nicely , but it is also depent on the amount and sizes of textures.
For example, Playa and sandbox is horrible for my frame rates when there are more than 5 people around.

LOD, Clipping plane, Draw distance and stuff

Time to visit 12m tri place :slight_smile:
Draw dustance is really something we need. combined with fog.


@judas There’s no triangle limit. The LOD is framerate based.
If we notice you framerate is going down too low, we’ll start hiding small (pixelwise) and distant object.


AM just there. se the same triangle count but indeed no change in LOD.
Renderrate feels low, something we have seen last meeting too.


I’ve noticed a drop in render rate starting sometime in the last week too. Not just at the meetup on Playa but before that on my own place and others.


There seems to be a positive feedback spiral going on, and more related to total texture size. Textures start filling the GPU, slows down FPS, compression kicks it, temporary FPS slowdown by that activity, then the FPS monitor sees the FPS tanking, it overcompensates on thinning the rendered scenery. Things go black. Rinse repeat.