Tried to register for today's stress test at The Spot


…and it told me it was “Sold Out”. Is there a limit to how many people can sign up? I mean, you do say:

What? Every registered attendee who shows up to the event will receive at least $10 in Amazon gift card credit.*

The more people who attend, the greater the rewards.

Up to 100 people // $10

100+ people // $15

200+ people // $20

1000+ people // $25

So I assume that means that over 1,000 people can sign up, right?

Also, I blogged about this:


There are two types of tickets - one called “High Fidelity’s VR Studio Ticket,” which is to attend at our VR studio in San Francisco. That’s what you’re seeing as sold out.

The other type gets you on the guest list to attend from wherever you are, and it hasn’t sold out:

Stress Test Fridays

Thank you! That is much clearer. I have successfully registered for today’s Stress Test :slight_smile:


One thing is not clear to me. I registered both the two events I think and participated some minutes ago to the stress test. How can I collect the prize? (I’m aware that probably this prize is useless in Europe, but anyway it would be a good honorific award ) :slight_smile: