Tripleclock like a BOSS


For folks that would like to join meetups but can never seem to figure out what time it is; if you are running windows, you can put additional clocks in your toolbar…

Use the “Change date and time settings…” link and it’s straight forward from there…


I have add a second clock, good idea. but i hope the UTC timezone is correct. it’s now set to -9 third clock i need to add to pst time. as soon i know the timezone

Ok, paciffic is -8


If it offers choice of city for picking - PST/PDT is usually Los Angeles in most things.


Ayup. :smile:


Thanks for this - It’s useful :slight_smile:


I’ve actually had UTC set in that pane for years, because one of the other virtual worlds I used to be on had tried listing all their events in UTC instead of SLT… since then me and a buncha others split off and formed yet another virtual world and… somewhere along the line we stopped listing event times in UTC and went back to US West coast time for it. In fact, I’d largely forgotten I had that set until I glanced in there recently for a different reason, while thinking “I oughta add UTC in th… oh, wait, I already have it there!” :smiley: