Trivia Master (L.A.S.)


High Fidelity is seeking enthusiastic and outgoing Host’s/MC’s to run Last Avatar Standing (L.A.S.), a weekly 1 hour trivia game show. The host should be a fun and energetic person who loves to engage with old/new users and keep the atmosphere fun and light while also keeping the game moving along.

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Run the trivia app (App will be provided to hired applicants)
  • Speak each question once before making it live for 10 seconds.
  • Keep a running tally of who wins each round.
  • Maintain a fun and positive attitude throughout the experience.
  • Make sure people are acting appropriately and discourage any inappropriate conduct.
  • Report back to a HiFi employee with the usernames of people who won.

Applicants must have an intermediate to advanced level of skill using the High Fidelity client and must be available to work during the time allotted. You can either be in HMD or in desktop mode. If you cannot work the designated time, please let us know what times would work well for you so we can make this experience available for everyone. A HiFi employee will be available to train you on how to run the game and get you up to speed.

The Trivia Master will be paid 2500HFC, which is now redeemable for $USD, find out how here.

Apply Here


I’d love to apply but I don’t have the admission rights to do so…


How long do you expect this gig to run for? What happens if you can’t make a particular week, or are you considering having a few people do this?


Can you try again please?


We plan on doing this on a weekly basis so I would like to have a different person run it each week and possibly at different times each week so we can make it more accessible to everyone.


Now it works :purple_heart: :game_die: :sunglasses:
Thank you so much!


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