Trouble starting via steam for vive


Hey, I am just starting and looking to explore HF. I just downloaded it via steam, and when I tried to launch it shows nothing in VR, and on the desktop it has the interface with an all black screen. shortly after it stops responding and then it shuts down. If I open it while my vive is unplugged it will launch, but this is not helpful to me. if anyone else has had this problem I would really appreciate some assistance.


I’ve had a similar problem with steam and vive, and I also was able to run Interface from steam only when disconnecting the vive. I tried a bunch of solutions, which I’ll list here. Ultimately I stopped trying to use the steam version and just ran the desktop version and connected it to steam so steamvr would launch when I run Interface. Along the way, I also did the following things (as just simply uninstalling steam and launching from the desktop did not work for me at first).

  • updated graphic card drivers
  • did the USB reset fix outlined by the SteamVR support documents
  • completely and thoroughly wiped all HiFi files and folders from my computer before reinstalling the desktop version
    -now running “steamvr beta” as outlined in SteamVR support documents

Good luck. I have finally gotten my vive, steamvr and hifi working well together. But it took some doing.