Trouble with collisions


I am having some issues and hope someone can shed some light.

Firstly I cant get any collision happening from any mesh, even a simple mesh cube set with collisions and compound url.
It is phantom and I can walk right thru it, what am I missing here?

I have resorted to using entity boxes which work fine except …

Using 2 or more on a floor (even when they are exactly the same “y” level) causes the avatar to be blocked at the point where 2 entities meet or overlap.

Should we expect to see the av walk smoothly across a surface of several flat entities? or is there a way of joining floor parts?


You have to make sure the physics mesh model it self is convex. As in: If you drew an imaginary line from any angle it can only go in, and out of the geometry: if it goes through more, then the geometry is not convex.

Also make sure the physics geometry is normalized with the visual geometry as well.

This means that you cannot have a single object consisting of multiple parts:
Instead it must be multiple convex objects, just packaged into a single file.

Now for the 2 overlapping entities, thats something that needs to be tested. I do know from earlier tests it should work without issue ( looking at @thoys and @judas ) , but that is definetly odd if it does that.


Yes I mentioned I am testing with a single mesh cube, I expect that to be completely convex. Am I still missing something?
I upload the model and add the model URL into the compoundShapeURL and ensure “ignore for collisions” is off.

My av is set for collisions, it works ok for entities (except for the above mentioned issue)

But still no collisions at the mesh cube.


U need to use a .obj . I’m using my derided shhhhh blender post method


Is that right? well I clearly missed that spec.
Ok .obj it is, thanks.
btw I have no idea what the second sentence means :confused: