Trouble with dots in names


Well, there now seems to be an issue with jumping over to join someone whose username has a dot in it. That is, if you click on a name button in the chat window. Someone was trying to pop over to where I was, to get from the domain he was stuck on, and it wasn’t working, and he later suggested I see what happens if I try to pop over to someone with a dot in their name. I tried to go to where John.Laury was, and nothing happened, so apparently there’s a problem with dots now. Anyone else having problems like that one, but with other non-alphabet characters in usernames?


Yeah, people are telling me nothing happens when then try to teleport using my name.


put in a worklist job and someone will fix it


No we just don’t really wanna hang out with dirty dotters so we just pretend we cant tp :slight_smile:


Already made yesterday a worklist for it.


I have successfully teleported to someone with a dot in the name today.


Same for me, it seems to work now.