Troubled update-install and.,... Is the text chat broken?


Hmmmm… I just installed the new HF update… and the install got stuck at 95 or 98 percent done… so after 10 or 15 minutes of it stuck, I killed out of it in Task Manager and started the install over, and it complained that some particular componant couldn’t be written to, so I ran the update again, and let it use the Custom install (but left all the checkboxes unchanged) and it finally finished the install. This took more than 40 minutes to get the whole thing done from first starting to install the update to finally getting it in place.

Now anything at all I say to the Chat interface fails to show up at all, and I see no other chat text showing up at all. Was anyone else having issues? And I wish I’d screengrabbed the point where the first install got stuck.

Anyone else having this issue? And what do I do about the text chat not working?


Well, one of the other people at the meeting location was saying the text chat not showing any chat text was a problem at the other end, and that he was working on it. Sorry, I didn’t get his name, he was in a sorta lizard avatar.

Anyway, I guess I’m fine, then. The rest of the new, updated Interface seems to be working fine. Knock wood.


I did the update yesterday and haven’t had any problems I’m aware of. I just had to make sure to kill the sandbox, then the install went fine. The “lizard avatar” was that the greeter Flame Solis?