Trying to download on linux but it never starts ... please see body of text

Hello Everyone,

So I am interested in downloading this product. I love what the guy did with SL. Even though I haven’t played it in a while The problem I am having is that after registering it took me to a download page.

“High Fidelity for Linux
Click on the installer to launch High Fidelity. If your download didn’t start, try again below.”

So I scrolled down and only got links for windows, mac, and android…maybe steam? I took a screenshot but I am not sure how to post it yet.

Where can I just go download this thing? I guess is my ultimate question.

Thank you for your help and I hope to be helping soon.


Use the windows version open sauce is like religion
Or some random rubbish

From what I know there is no binary release for linux, except maybe the server.

For the interface/client, I myself have been building it from source, so you probably have to do the same, and even then, they do not support openvr, you have to either patch it yourself or use a fork like the one here:

I am not sure what the state of that fork is, I have my own fork with openvr that I have been working on that integrates with the vcpkg they use.

With that aside, it does work, I tried it with a Vive.


Also, in reply to your other thread which I cannot reply to for some reason, you can do a lot of free things with the current “game”, people upload a lot of free stuff in their store. I don’t even log into my hifi account when developing and I am still able to change skins, build stuff and talk to people.

And the open source movment isn’t about getting free stuff. Even the Free Software movement (often referred to as copy-left) which is way more strict than the Open Source movement, the founder Richard Stallman has often said: “Free” as in “Free Speech”, not as in “free beer”. Which is to say you are free to modify the software, but the software does not have to be provided to you for free, or that developers can not find many other ways of making money from their work. The spirit is more to do with allowing users to modify what they have, not with giving them free stuff.

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Install SteamVR on Linux

Thank you for ypur response. Had had a few beers and it was fairly confusing since it literally said download for linux. Anyways no worries. And about the open source topic i know the difference. It may have come out wrong in my frustration. Anyways. I will try another time. I have become interested in Sinespace specifically bacause it works with Unity. Thanks again for your help.

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