Turn off avatar flying at domain level?


Is it possible to turn off avatar flying at the domain level yet? If we make a domain-based game we would like to turn it off.


It’s a bit worse than that because gravity seems to be an entity property and not a domain wide field property. Now I can understand that because given such a huge space there will be inevitably experience zones and those zones may have differing requirements with respect to gravity. What I see missing is the type of field. Planar is the common one but if I want to make a space station or a planetoid, I want to see radial gravity (+ and -). But even planar gravity in entities is weird because it falls off rapidly. There are no range nor falloff parameters.


Perhaps worth considering: Being able to fly around builds makes filming and photographing them much much easier.


I d support the idea that people with edit or fly permissions are able to disable physics in domain / zone: Some experiences will after all created to be “down to Earth” after all.

Right now though, physics aren’t even applied until the objects have fully rezed, so there is that. So I think they are all applied client side mostly.

If there was gravity, we would have to be careful with it, lest we end up in a JanusVR like situation inwhich it is very likely to fall straight through a floor before the floor has even appeared.


I am certain there is something poetic in that last bit, @Menithal…! :smiley: